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Henrik Bergqvist w/ Ståltrådsvägen #1 (For The Purists)

With the next The Office around the corner, featuring a live set by Mike Dehnert, Henrik who works with me and some other friends at The Office sent off a mix he did.

Being one of the most driven persons I know, his track selection and persistence is displayed in a friendly and super cool manner with this first mix output. After a lot of work with selecting records for his first mix, he decided to re-think his approach – making the track selection on the flow, keeping things dynamic and always on the edge. This technique and personal sonic spectrum shows his idea behind the music, as well as his unpredicted advancement throughout as a dj taking action.

1. Imax – 3.32 AM (LL)
2. DJ Joey Anderson – Three Analysis (Strength Music)
3. Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Sugarspoon (Klang)
4. Terrence Dixon – Below Radar (Children of Tomorrow)
5. TC Crew – Bad Edit (Rhythm Beat)
6. DB-X – Bleep (Accelerate)
7. Norman Nodge – Native Rhythm Electric (Ostgut Ton)
8. Stephan Laubner – ? (Perlon)
9. Robert Hood – Sleep is the Cousin of Death (M-Plant)
10. Tungston – Matra (Exalt)
11. S.B. Project – Track #18 (Cosmic)
12. Traktor 3000 – White Traktor (DIN)
13. Traxmen – Caution (Dance Mania)
14. Gallop & Poindexter – Blackholes (Musique)
15. Bluejean – This is the Sound of (Fourth Floor)
16. Micronism – The Quiet Mind (Nurture)


Review: Cio D’or – Die Faser Part Three

Label: Prologue
Catalog#: PRG010


A1: Organza – Milton Bradley Remix

A2: Organza – Transparet Dub

B1: Mohair – Pendle Coven Pantone Remix

B2: Organza – Samuli Kemppi Remix

With the new album on Prologue, Cio D’or and her ‘Die Faser’ release feels as a natural progression for a woman who certainly has established her own atmosphere and style.

Creating a steady stream of mesmerizing releases requires a feedback from producers and dj’s who, with not only their own support for the releases, also get a chance to display their own interpretations of these tracks. This feels very healthy for this style within techno, as well as natural as a tighter and more steady frame for this particular sound gets established.

As the third and final remix 12″ gets out, three of the most stunning and perhaps forward-thinking producers goes side by side Cio Do’r. With this wide spectrum, the remixers clearly put a lot of emotion and atmosphere into their contributions.

‘Die Faser Part Three’ gets out 26th February.

Thanks to Cio D’or and Philipp for this release.

Mike Dehnert LIVE + Funktion One @ The Office



Review: Skudge – Convolution / Contamination

Label: Skudge Records
Catalog#: SKUDGE 001


A: Convolution

B: Contamination

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After a initial release on alphahouse, Skudge has been working hard on their new material – a direction into a more atmospheric and more focused sound. The emphasis on this release lies not so much on “what works”, but on the small details and things that gets people going.

With a more persistant pursuit of a original sound and affection, Skudge seem to only care about the music actually sounding as their own – even though a wide spectrum of musical influences seem to make it’s way into the final “product”. For this release, a more careful listen will reveal a more detailed sound with the same basics.

‘Convolution’ brings the alphahouse release to mind, where a taunting beat and persistent percussion work strikes into the same feeling and structure. The pace is completely different though, with a heavier and more raw sense to it – the track itself without keeping the first release to mind, feels a little bit as a embodied figure of what Skudge seem to look for. This makes in fact the track interesting in that sense, as well as the excellent momentum it creates.

Where ‘Convolution’ lifts off, ‘Contamination’ on the other side sounds as a peak moment for Skudge – a track that does not compromise at all. It is what it is, and it’s really good.

Thanks to Skudge for this release.

Chart: February 2010

Review: SCB – SCB001

Label: SCB
Catalog#: SCB001


A: 20_4

B: 3_5

The remix series from Scuba’s album ‘A Mutual Antipathy’ first saw the alias SCB, as well as the well recieved mix on mnml ssgs, Scuba delivers the first SCB release on the same titled label. Fusing his very atmospheric and delicate brewing sound with his previously half-established four over four tradition (that got high recognition with the excellent ‘Houndreds & Thousands’ on Hotflush a year back).

A constant floating feeling is always there, the same feeling as with Scuba’s previous work. Letting small details fill the gaps of the beats works very well in a more broken structure – it all gets even more interesting though, when a high tempo 4/4 beat takes up more space and pushes the tempo-feeling into a more steady state.

’20_4′ transforms this sound even more. Swirling percussion fuses in together with the melody in a way that has never felt so natural. There’s this very tangible climbing sense of the beat, a way that suits Scuba’s more stepping tracks but goes into full capabilities with this one.

On the other side is the phenomenal ‘3_5’, which paces down a bit but goes into a lost feeling of techno. This track features a very special melodic sense to it, where the percussion and noise floats into a new state – a tradition that hasn’t been followed for quite some time now. SCB displays a wider sense to this four over four territory with this track, which hopefully will be appreciated once people realize the power of this track.

The ‘SCB001’ is out 14th February.

Thanks to Philipp and Scuba for this release.

Just A Mix for February

A few nice trax put together since this NYE. They are from different years and spans through a lot of different energy. Please have a listen! Let me know what you think.

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