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Review: Levon Vincent – NS-05

Label: Novel Sound
Catalog#: NS-05


A: Man or Mistress

B1: Making Headway

B2: No Regrets

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For Levon Vincent, the momentum between the releases is used as a strength utilized as a driving force in order to put out tracks that are meaningful to himself as well as to all other’s experiencing them.

A careful ear will hear all the developments in the tracks, where a tighter groove with a little less light on them sets the atmosphere in a much quicker way, as well as going into more interesting states and areas not so present in other releases right now.

For the A side, ‘Man or Mistress’ recalls ‘Late Night Jam’ in one way. Only this time, the anthem-warning is put on a more wild approach and thus making the ‘Man or Mistress’ track feel more unique and perhaps more tasteful. With a very reminiscent texture and sound, Levon goes two steps forward and brings a playful, yet perfectly moody melody into focus, with perfected arrangements and excellent use of effects. Some might regard time and “getting tired of” as a factor to watch out for concerning the A side, which is usually mentioned for a track using a melody in this way and having this type of energy—the other side of this coin is, in fact, that the energy is always there and provides enough memories in order to stand out as other more classic anthems over time.

‘Making Headway’ and ‘No Regrets’ feels as more personal transmissions from the studio to the turntable, as a more cool and laid-back production feels as the outset for them. This is of course not a bad thing, as Levon proves that he is a master of both being able to make music that goes into a extreme party level (‘Double Jointed Sex Freak Pt. 1’, ‘Late Night Jam’ or ‘Man or Mistress’) and also being able to deliver super cool tracks as these.

A focused and much welcomed return on Novel Sound, Levon Vincent shows what he has in store and what he’s capable of when things are on his terms.