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Review: Scuba – Triangulation

Label: Hotflush
Catalog#: HFCD003


01. Descent
02. Latch
03. Three Sided Shape
04. Minerals
05. On Deck
06. Before
07. Tracers
08. You Got Me
09. So You Think You´re Special
10. Heavy Machinery
11. Glance
12. Lights Out

Stronger than ever, Paul Rose (Scuba, SCB) releases his third album under the Scuba name. It’s not just an output that feels fresh and encapsulating, but at the same time it displays a state of electronic music that hasn’t been depicted in this way before.

It would be unfair to say that every album fails to do so, but it’s hard finding another album release that delivers such a clear picture in what direction the artist is heading. What seems to be a common ground for the tracks on ‘Triangulation’ though, is that the music continues within the same atmosphere, but in a way that isn’t so distinct that it gets futile. The sense of Scuba writing down his own special sound for the future is weighing heavy over this said atmosphere, as well as the absence of references for his sound, the timelessness is inspirational.

With variations over the course of the album, this sound comes to its strongest side with the tracks ‘On Deck’ and ‘Tracers’ – the reminisces of a Playstation dominant past gets blurred with a strict vision on where Scuba’s music is going – with these tracks, this album lifts itself into a new and unexpected sense that is very welcomed.

‘Triangulation’ is released on 22 March 2010.

My favorite tracks:


On Deck

Three Sided Shape

Review: SCB – SCB001

Label: SCB
Catalog#: SCB001


A: 20_4

B: 3_5

The remix series from Scuba’s album ‘A Mutual Antipathy’ first saw the alias SCB, as well as the well recieved mix on mnml ssgs, Scuba delivers the first SCB release on the same titled label. Fusing his very atmospheric and delicate brewing sound with his previously half-established four over four tradition (that got high recognition with the excellent ‘Houndreds & Thousands’ on Hotflush a year back).

A constant floating feeling is always there, the same feeling as with Scuba’s previous work. Letting small details fill the gaps of the beats works very well in a more broken structure – it all gets even more interesting though, when a high tempo 4/4 beat takes up more space and pushes the tempo-feeling into a more steady state.

’20_4′ transforms this sound even more. Swirling percussion fuses in together with the melody in a way that has never felt so natural. There’s this very tangible climbing sense of the beat, a way that suits Scuba’s more stepping tracks but goes into full capabilities with this one.

On the other side is the phenomenal ‘3_5’, which paces down a bit but goes into a lost feeling of techno. This track features a very special melodic sense to it, where the percussion and noise floats into a new state – a tradition that hasn’t been followed for quite some time now. SCB displays a wider sense to this four over four territory with this track, which hopefully will be appreciated once people realize the power of this track.

The ‘SCB001’ is out 14th February.

Thanks to Philipp and Scuba for this release.

Review: VA – Sub:stance

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: OSTGUTCD11


01. Sigha – Light Swells – In A Distant Space
02. Airhead – Paper Street
03. Sigha – Early Morning Lights
04. Pangaea – Sunset Yellow
05. Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The
06. Shortstuff – See Ya
07. Untold – No-one Likes A Smart Arse
08. Scuba – You Got Me
09. Surgeon – Klonk Pt.4
10. DFRNT – Headspace – Scuba’s Secret Mix
11. AQF – Born And Raised – Version
12. Badawi – Anlan 7
13. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
14. Mount Kimbie – Maybes – James Blake Remix
15. Sigha – Seeing God
16. Ramadanman – Tempest
17. Instra:mental – Voyeur
18. Sigha – Shapes
19. George Fitzgerald – Don’t You
20. Scuba – Minerals
21. Shackleton – It’s Time For Love
22. Digital Mystikz (Mala) – Stand Against War
23. Scuba – Last Stand
24. Joker – Psychedelic Runway

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When combining the energy of Berghain and Panorama Bar, together with a (in context) unusual side of dubstep, the Sub:stance club manages to take out the best of both “sides” – and fuse them into a concrete monster. Even though the sharp and ambitious sound may seem a bit uneasy as well as clever, the direction in which Sub:stance is going seems more natural than ever.

Keeping the essence of the sounds that define dubstep, as well as the tempos, structure and attitude while fusing them together with a very techno-fied city and all the inspiration, aspiration as well as unique sense of bass music – Scuba seems more than just fit to create a mix CD of it all.

There is a very scientific feeling that is the backbone of the track selection as well as the progression of the mix as a whole. Keeping a profiled and ambitious droning sound throughout, the subtle (and sometimes very direct) beat goes in and out. This keeps everything interesting, as well as leaving room for a more experimental and a bit untouched sound. Everything reminds a lot of Scuba’s own work, as well as the artists and musicians surrounding him and the Sub:stance club. Expect long droning pieces and soundscapes, combined with deadly levels of bass, as well as sound that is so clear and unique it can almost be physically touched.

Most of the time, the mix keeps an atmosphere of a state of both high awareness and everything in a daze. It requires not so much as to listening, but an open mind to the music. The parallell of it all comes in with f.e. Joy Orbison’s ‘Hyph Mngo’ which, in a good way, breaks everything off and leaves as soon as the mix gets a grip of what is going on. In perspective, this seems very natural for Scuba as well as trying to fuse both vertical and horizontal energy with the mix (and seeing him as a live dj too).

As a conclusion, imagine Berghain with a dubstep sound; this is exactly, with and without frills, the first thing that comes to mind.

Head Office (The Office) @ OSC09 Festival

The 15th August, all five from the Head Office collective (the people behind The Office) will be playing at the small dancefloor on OSC09. Delivering a wide range of styles within techno, house and dubstep, we hope that you want to come by and support the good forces in Stockholm. Robert Henke from Monolake and Scuba will also be playing, so drop by!

More information and tickets here

Review: Scuba – From Within / Hard Boiled (Remixes)

Label: Hotflush
Catalog#: HFRMX005


A: From Within – Marcel Dettmann Remix

B: Hard Boiled – SCB Edit

Rating: 4/5

The last installment in the remix series from Scuba, high anticipation and expection. I’ve been thriving the remix releases and they are all so good.

This part of the series is the least dubstep influenced of the three with a remix from Marcel Dettmann and a alias from Scuba. Keeping things straight forward and putting the subtle changes in focus, this defines one of the many roots to techno-dubstep.

Starting off with Dettmann’s remix which turns out to be just excellent. He threw out most of the elements in the original and reduced it into a core of powerful techno, letting only slight changes progress in the track and focusing on the smallest essences. Together with a haunting atmospheric pad and subtle bleeps the beat is delivered perfectly.

SCB, a new alias from Scuba, takes ‘Hard Boiled’ into a different direction and morphing it into a more forward groove. This track has an entierly different vision from the original which takes the track into a different direction. This release is made for the Funktion 1 soundsystem and both Dettmann and Scuba seem to have this in mind when making the remixes.

Very nice release, you can get it here.

Review: Scuba – The Upside / Twitch (Remixes)

Label: Hotflush
Catalog#: HFRMX004


A: The Upside – Martyn’s Down Mix

B: Twitch – Jamie Vex’d Remix

Rating: 3/5

The second installment of the remix series from ‘A Mutual Antipathy’ is here! This time Martyn from the 3024 label and Jamie Vex’d from… eh, “former group” of Vex’d have done the remixes on the slower and calmer tracks from the album.

The original version of ‘The Upside’ sounds a bit like a dubbed out Phil Collins track from the 80’s. Martyn redefines the entire structure of the original and places the elements from it into a post half-stepXtechno hybrid which does not only bring forward the melancholy of the original (hence the ‘Down’ in the track name, eh?), but gives it the space it deserves rather than making the track slower (as Scuba did with his original). The original version has it’s charms in the honest emotions Scuba clearly put into it, making Martyn’s remix great in an entierly different way – which to prefer is actually based on mood of the moment here.

Jamie Vex’d has made an really great effort here – a crazy wobbly drunken dubstepped out broken track, which at first seems a bit stupid. After the second listen you get to know it a bit better and realize that it’s really, really good. In contrast to the original they sound like two completely different tracks, which is good news for me since I had a hard time appreciating the original on the album.

This release ships on friday. You can buy it here.

Review: Scuba – Ruptured / Poppies (Remixes)


Label: Hotflush
Catalog#: HFRMX003


A: Ruptured – Surgeon Remix

B: Poppies – Substance Dub Version

Rating: 5/5


What I admire with some of these new labels (such as Hotflush, Apple Pips, 3024 etc) is that they do what no other label dares to do – they take a little bit of this and that, putting in a truckload of soul (or lack of soul if you’re seeing it differently), having not to compromise and just let the groove go.

About half a year ago Scuba’s album ‘A Mutual Antipathy’ got out. It didn’t just feature a really good album name, but also a lot of great tracks. Since then he has released a single from the album and this remix single. The remix singles will be released in three parts with an CD album with every remix (and vinyl aswell I think) and digitally as well.

This is the first vinyl with remixes of the remix album and features Surgeon and Substance. Just looking at the tracklist makes my jaw drop.

Surgeon’s remix keeps the power from the original mix of ‘Ruptured’, but he pushes the more danceable atmosphere of it into a deeper techno groove – while keeping the essential industrial parts of the original. Filling the gaps between the broken beats and melodies with his trademark percussion and drums, he redefines the main melody’s structure making it much, much darker.

Substance with his Dub Version removes most of the originals wall of sound, but replacing it with a drenched beat and a more dubbed out melody that lies just beneath the bassline, creating an babylonian monster that won’t be taken by anything else than 21 inch subs.

This is a really good first record and I can’t wait for the rest of the remixes (especially the one with the Marcel Dettmann remix).

Essential purchase – Buy Here