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Chart: May 2009

1. Planetary Assault Systems – X Speaks To X / Ostgut Ton

2. Deuce – Twerp Wiz / Ostgut Ton

3. N/A – Variance III – Marcel Dettmann Edit / Sandwell District

4. Levon Vincent – Games DUB / Underground Quality

5. Jeroen Search – Neutral / Figure

6. “Unknown” – Castor Oil

7. Scuba – Hundreds And Thousands / Hotflush

8. Deuce – Cue Ed / Ostgut Ton

9. D. Dozzy & Nuel – C1 / Aquaplano

10. Milton Bradley – Don’t Phonk / Do Not Resist The Beat!

Videos + Pictures from The Office #9 – Marcel Dettmann


Thanks to The Office members for the videos and photos

Marcel Dettmann + Funktion One @ The Office



Review: Kevin Gorman – Elements Part 1

Label: Mikrowave
Catalog#: MWAVE08

A1: Zuni – Hoodwinked – Kevin Gorman Remix

A2: Cyclic Beats

B1: Insomnia

B2: Cyclic

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As DJ’s are getting tired of carrying two trolleys of vinyl records, more and more are getting into the digital mixing thorugh various techniques. The digital age is hard to avoid, which I guess is a part of the idea of Gorman’s ‘Elements’ project on his own label Mikrowave.

The releases in the ‘Elements’ series consists of four tracks on the vinyl version, but climbs up to 17 tracks on the digital side. All patterns and parts from the original works are released together with the original versions, which will be greatful for the digital DJ who also want to manipulate the tracks he or she is playing.

Zuni’s ‘Hoodwinked’ get’s a treatment from Gorman on the A1, which is a really tripping track with clear and raw elements. The tricky melody fits perfectly to the stressful background melody, reminding me of Tadeo’s work on Apnea and the other Net28 labels. The track evolves into different states all the time, which gives it an more direct feel and less archetectural arrangement, combining both the bluntness of a groove without a melody as well as bringing in more focus on the melody than on the beat – a hard combination which Kevin does with precision.

The ‘Cyclic Beats’ on the A2 side is not what one could guess, just a beat going on without any structure – it’s more a tool with the basic elements from the original ‘Cycle’ track on B2. The melodic work is really present, combined with the steady beat and sparodical tomtoms, the futuristic feel is always present.

‘Insomnia’ is my favorite track on the release. The hard trasistor rhythm combined with low key drums and percussion brings a Sähkö feel to the track – while remaining true to the more modern sound of both Kevin and other producers. That hard hitting rimshot is really groovy and fits very nicely to the rest of the track.

‘Cyclic’ on B2 ends the release with full exposure, the melodies combine each other in a way that brings out a softer side of the record. Eternal minimalistic sounds that has a Planet E-feel to it – nice!

Thanks to Kevin Gorman for the record!

Review: Kassem Mosse – Workshop 08

Label: Workshop
Catalog#: WORKSHOP 08


A1: Untitled

B1: Untitled

B2: Untitled

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A new Workshop is always nice, the high quality label pushes the borders of a sound that attracts many kinds of DJ’s, but also maintains a feeling of a undescribable emotion.

The A side reminds me of long lost memories from Super Mario 64 (that underwater level), combined with eternal house rhythms and percussion – the streaming melody is combined with Mosse’s unmistakable bleeping synth stabs that always seem to fit the rest of the elements in his tracks. The pace is slow, but at the same time powerful enough to disembark the next track into a faster tempo.

B1 is based around a sample from Marcel Dettmann, combined with a new structural approach with weird dissonant tones that swirls around the ancient drum-like percussion and melody. The tribal vibe is there, but it’s reduced to such small hints, that it’s leaning towards a more raw edge. Excellent track.

The B2 is more mellow, but also more melancholic. A constant warmth of a low pitched synth melody fills the spectrum with unbelievable depth and stands as a concrete base for the percussion and that special house groove.

Review: V.A. – We Still Try

Label: Zooloft
Catalog#: ZOOLOFT000


A1: Obtane & Fris – Suprabomb – ???? Remix

A2: ???? – The Other Three Days

B1: Obtane & Fris – Little Drunken Devil – Soz Adams Remix

B2: Sebastian Herre & ‘I Won’t Stand Still’ – You Grew Old Because You Stopped Laughing

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The new Italian(!) label Zooloft focuses on bringing techno to it’s top level. I guess a lot of people agrees with that, as the vinyl sold out pretty instantly.

The sound is very reduced and clean, especially the B side with steady percussions and clever drum programming. For me, the A side is really something special. Featuring an anonymous producer as well as original material from label presidents Obtane and Fris, it sounds timeless and more thought out. The answering machine message on A1 is a smart sample and fits very well to the hollowed hope of the track.

For the anonymous producer, you can hear who it is if you listen carefully and “know your techno” – especially on the B2.

Thanks to ???? for the record!

Review: D. Dozzy & Nuel – Aquaplano 1111

Label: Aquaplano
Catalog#: Aquaplano 1111


A1: C1

A2: C2

B1: D1

B2: D2

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With all my heart, I can honestly say that this new release on Aquaplano is one of the best records this year. The amount of influence and feeling that Donato and Nuel show with these tracks are unbelievable.

The first track is a droning ambient piece that reminds me of the Metal Gear Solid video game series, especially with it’s aesthetic and visual soundscape combined with the bleeping spacious sounds and Burial-like crackles. A defining track that places well in the all time charts.

When A2 kicks in with a groove that sounds so well thought out it’s crazy, you know that it’s a special track. The atmosphere is very clear as well as the steady progression of the track, which remains for the entire duration. Precise drum programming and oldschool-not-oldschool sense is combined in a beautiful way – you need to check this out!

For the B-side, a Cybotron-like groove is emitted with electro elements that sound very futuristic but at the same time timeless, combines the record in a perfect state of both techno and electro.