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News: Samples missing

After a very expensive trip to Berlin, I’ve choked on a few bills regarding
Samples will be uploaded in the beginning of December.

Review: Kevin Gorman – Mikrowave 12

Label: Mikrowave
Catalog#: MWAVE 012


A1: Cyclic – Peter Van Hoesen Remix

A2: Shakey Stripped

B1: Nearly – MLZ Remix

B2: Shakey Metallic Beats

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After an output with elements of Gorman’s productions, as well as variations of those elements, Mikrowave sees it’s first more or less ordinary 12″ release in a long time.

What would maybe seem at the beginning of 2009 as a direction into the digital era, Gorman gives us one of the strongest releases on the label (as well as the year) on a vinyl release – featuring not only very stripped down and some of the most rough tracks by himself, but also two other producers that have time and time again showed their production talent. Peter Van Hoesen and MLZ have a strong output of their own, but with this release, their remix capabilities are displayed in a more secure and relaxed manner. Of course, this is a good thing.

Even though a lot of focus will be put on a certain club in Germanys capital with this release, a thing that might require more careful listening is the own take all three producers show when they are combined, which has it’s blueprint set with this 12″. Carefully crafted elements that in one sense seem to be pushed hard by them, seem on the other hand very natural; as the sound structure is more close to something personal and unique. Considering that a lot of techno today is more or less dark with a pursuit of a sound where the result might not be as inspiring, it’s fresh to hear something that adapts to something else witch is yet to be defined.

It happens a few times every year that a release feels like something that you have been looking for, and Mikrowave 12 is one of those records. Just remember to listen carefully, and drop it in the right moment.

Thanks to Kevin Gorman for this release.

Review: Planetary Assault Systems – Remixes

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: o-ton31

A: X Speaks To X – Appleblim & Al Tourettes Remix

B: Hold It – Deuce Remix


With Planetary Assault Systems (PAS) highly experimental album ‘Temporary Suspension’ released on Ostgut, there were no doubt about a remix 12″ following it later on.

As the Ostgut crew reaches out to new artists to come and play in their club, new remixers joins in and create a new take on already established Berghain performers. Al Tourettes and Appleblim takes the heavy ‘X Speaks To X’ from the album, and transform it into something that is very hard to narrow down into a genre – it’s highly influenced and very rough, but at the same time remotely close to dubstep and techno. This remix is very impressive in almost every regard; being very unexpected as a remix on PAS, Appleblim and Al Tourettes takes ‘X Speak To X’ into a new dimension.

Deuce on the other hand bring their raw and extremely reduced sound into PAS original of ‘Hold It’ – a standout track on the album. With only one release as a duo, Deuce manage to fuse early days techno with the raw aspects of the present which is clearly the case with this remix. Featuring just a few elements from the original, they put in their own groove with a steady beat and manage to create a very sublime but also displaying a powerful, distinct and fresh sound.

‘Remixes’ is out in late November.

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Review: Skudge – Depth Buffering EP

Label: alphahouse
Catalog#: alphahouse 015


A: Depth Buffering

B: WireDrawn

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Skudge has now got their first release out. ‘Depth Buffering EP’ on alphahouse features two tracks that were made as initial tracks for their project, which display their talent and what to expect from them in the future.

Starting off with ‘Depth Buffering’, a very raw but yet fresh track that was made with a lot of hard work, but feels as natural as G-Man’s ‘Quo Vadis’ – featuring vocal elements as well as a steady groove, it maintains an energy that keeps an horizontal line throughout, without losing any focus. Subtle interruptions by small breaks and carefully crafted momentums of drum machinery works very well as “glue” between the very sparse and spacious melody.

‘Wiredrawn’ was made at the same time as ‘Depth Buffering’ – bringing the same atmosphere as the A-side, there is something more haunting about this track. A one note key floats steady in the background, getting mixed up with small shots of keyboarding as the drum machines punch through the analogue wall of sound, everything seems a bit unpredictable but very natural at the same time. Theres a very liquid feeling over this track, which makes sense as there are very few elements featured (more focus on “effects” and mixing them down). A track that feels as an excellent choice as a B side.

Thanks to Skudge for this release.