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Review: The Panamax Project – Subsolo 006

Label: SubSolo
Catalog#: SUBSOLO 006


A: Maximum Height

B: Maximum Width

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In continuation of Shed’s remarkable dub material, Panamax stands for a freight weight of bass. With a modern feel, old tradition and a slow paced evolution within the tracks, the productions are up to his own standard (which he has defined and refined for years).

An easy going aesthetic surrounds these tracks, where the groove goes from a dub centered style into René’s own definition of music – everything is very electric, but at the same time it’s always structured enough to keep the funk. A dusty sense glues every element together in a very spiritual and mighty way on ‘Maximum Height’, where a jackin’ sense fills up between every bar. The groove is just there – a feeling that is required to make a track essential.

‘Maximum Width’ gets the same treatment as the Wax No. ‘10001B Panamax Mix’ got last year; sparse, heavy but at the same time very forward. What gives the track a taste, is the excellent influence it’s based on. As well as the A side, things feels very forward pushing and timeless. Excellent production which only leaves a heavy soundsystem weakened.

Review: Perc – Vertigo Part 1

Label: Perc Trax
Catalog#: TPT034


A2: BCG – Forward Strategy Group Refix

B1: BCG – Milton Bradley Critical Level Mix

B2: BCG – Milton Bradley Beyond The Silence Mix

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The ‘Vertigo – Part 1’ feels like a record that fits excellent in the sound of today, with artists pursuing a sound that binds them together. What strikes most interesting is the fact that when first reading the remixers on the vinyl, it might first seem a little bit obvious having FSG and Milton Bradley doing remixes, but they are in fact a good choice for this track.

‘BCG’ is a track that doesn’t follow Perc’s previous work, it’s more a take on what seems to influence him (and a lot of producers lately) the most. The first listen brings “a regular dj tool” into mind, but trying it out would actually give the track a setting it was made for, making it a good choice with it’s steady rhythm and driving structure.

Forward Strategy Group’s remix is more proper, kicking and fast paced, they show a fearless take on ‘BCG’, where slight hints of the original track can be made out. Which in a sense feels as a solid ground for a good remix. FSG display that they certainly know what they are doing.

With the B2, Milton Bradley’s ‘Critical Level Remix’ follow the path that FSG also took, where a straight forward beat is in focus, and what seems to be the same project as Bradley’s own ‘Minus 126 In Berlin’ (on the first Do Not Resist The Beat!), he combines the elements from his own vaults together with Perc’s original idea, creating a stunning and effective remix.

Milton Bradley’s ‘Beyond The Silence Remix’ is the one that concludes this EP, with a sound that feels very fresh and appreciative, especially because of the fast paced nature of the previous tracks. Here, a slower pace leaves room for a more intriguing atmosphere, combining a step-influence rather than hard hitting tracks. An excellent remix that makes this EP worthwhile.

Thanks to Perc Trax for this release.

Review: Oni Ayhun – OAR 004

Label: OAR
Catalog#: OAR 004

A: Untitled

B: Untitled

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There’s this feeling that the Oni Ayhun label is sensible and fun – a combination that the person behind Oni Ayhun previous work was based on, but somehow became so much clearer with the four releases on OAR.

The combination of the indulging rhythm patterns and the Sähkö-alike reduced aesthetic and sound, combined with the sonic advancements from the ‘001’ to this forth moment; Oni Ayhun creates a record that is truly unique.

What’s most interesting about this release, is the fact that there’s so much thought behind it. Neglecting all forms of feedback and keeping things very personal is maybe required for an artist pushing this sound – what does strike as most promising is the wide artistic spectrum this release has marked, in regards to the three previous releases. Keeping things to a bare minimal level, as well as uncompromising progression within all elements, Oni shifts through the atmosphere in light speed – wondering what the hell is going on.

There isn’t so much to tell about this release, other that it is very appreciated, as well as highly recommended.

Review: Scuba – Triangulation

Label: Hotflush
Catalog#: HFCD003


01. Descent
02. Latch
03. Three Sided Shape
04. Minerals
05. On Deck
06. Before
07. Tracers
08. You Got Me
09. So You Think You´re Special
10. Heavy Machinery
11. Glance
12. Lights Out

Stronger than ever, Paul Rose (Scuba, SCB) releases his third album under the Scuba name. It’s not just an output that feels fresh and encapsulating, but at the same time it displays a state of electronic music that hasn’t been depicted in this way before.

It would be unfair to say that every album fails to do so, but it’s hard finding another album release that delivers such a clear picture in what direction the artist is heading. What seems to be a common ground for the tracks on ‘Triangulation’ though, is that the music continues within the same atmosphere, but in a way that isn’t so distinct that it gets futile. The sense of Scuba writing down his own special sound for the future is weighing heavy over this said atmosphere, as well as the absence of references for his sound, the timelessness is inspirational.

With variations over the course of the album, this sound comes to its strongest side with the tracks ‘On Deck’ and ‘Tracers’ – the reminisces of a Playstation dominant past gets blurred with a strict vision on where Scuba’s music is going – with these tracks, this album lifts itself into a new and unexpected sense that is very welcomed.

‘Triangulation’ is released on 22 March 2010.

My favorite tracks:


On Deck

Three Sided Shape

Review: Robert Hood – Alpha / Omega (End Times)

Label: M-Plant
Catalog#: M.PM6

A: Alpha

B: Omega (End Times)

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With the M-Plant rising from the dead with represses of its past, Robert Hood manages to fuse in his new inspiration into the label, with a sound that does not fully represent the old M-Plant in a way that one could expect, but in a way that the dance floor demands.

The excellent ‘Superman / Range’ release from last year gave me so much hope for the resurrection of M-Plant, a release that felt as one I’d been looking for a long time. This first release from the upcoming album, leaves what to expect from the rest of it in a even more gray area, where ‘Alpha’ leans toward a sound even more focused on keeping an atmosphere intact and direct.

‘Omega (End Times)’ feels a bit strange at first; it’s one of those tracks that has so much confidence it feels a bit threatening – the inspiration from ‘The Omega Man’ feels clear with this track, as the feeling of an endless progression towards something dark is more tangible than ‘Alpha’, or in my opinion a lot of Hood’s earlier releases. What is different with this release is also very positive, a forward thinking groove with elements not put in for keeping a groove intact, but to actually display an idea or thought in a very visual way.

One of the most direct releases this year.

Noah Gibson – Live at The Office #12 (extract)

Recorded live early morning on Sunday. Sorry for the sloppy mixing (as usual).

Review: Dettmann – Dettmann Remixed

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: o-ton33

A1: Shift – Norman Nodge Remix

A2: Unrest – Norman Nodge Remix

B1: Vertigo – Wincent Kunth Remix

B2: Wound Up – Wincent Kunth Remix

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With the debut album of Marcel Dettmann coming up, a remix EP is released in conjunction with the album. As he previously did with the ‘MDR 02’; the original versions of these tracks will remain unreleased – nothing to worry about though, as these remixes feels as natural coming from two close friends of Marcel’s, as they would being released in their original mixes.

Following a highly conceptual sound, Norman Nodge is able to transform not only Dettmann’s work into something new, but staying true to his fundamental idea of techno – being persistent on letting all elements breathe, the tight groove feels “let loose”, which reflects on the purposes of his remixes. The ‘Shift’ remix feels steady, secure and very profound. Rightfully so, the intellectual sides of a vision trademarked by Norman, hasn’t been as clear as it is with this track for a long time. Nodge keeps the pace with the remix of ‘Unrest’, a title that suggests for a track moving in all directions, with a high intensity and a depth that reaches as high as the 18 meter ceiling of his residency – acidic elements and a knowledgeable sense ties this track together, which makes so much with its bare elements.

One thing that strikes as natural but also interesting, is the debut of Wincent Kunth. What would seem as a daring move for a EP that holds such a strong position, introducing a producer previously unknown, seems to be a creative move in the right direction – being a close friend to Dettmann living in Switzerland, the sound of Kunth is more floating and more focused on the melodic feelings which balances up the straight up grooves on the A-side.

Thanks to Marcel Dettmann for this release.

Chart: March 2010

Mike Dehnert – Live at The Office (Stockholm, Sweden), 27 February 2010


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