Review: Skudge – Convolution / Contamination

Label: Skudge Records
Catalog#: SKUDGE 001


A: Convolution

B: Contamination

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After a initial release on alphahouse, Skudge has been working hard on their new material – a direction into a more atmospheric and more focused sound. The emphasis on this release lies not so much on “what works”, but on the small details and things that gets people going.

With a more persistant pursuit of a original sound and affection, Skudge seem to only care about the music actually sounding as their own – even though a wide spectrum of musical influences seem to make it’s way into the final “product”. For this release, a more careful listen will reveal a more detailed sound with the same basics.

‘Convolution’ brings the alphahouse release to mind, where a taunting beat and persistent percussion work strikes into the same feeling and structure. The pace is completely different though, with a heavier and more raw sense to it – the track itself without keeping the first release to mind, feels a little bit as a embodied figure of what Skudge seem to look for. This makes in fact the track interesting in that sense, as well as the excellent momentum it creates.

Where ‘Convolution’ lifts off, ‘Contamination’ on the other side sounds as a peak moment for Skudge – a track that does not compromise at all. It is what it is, and it’s really good.

Thanks to Skudge for this release.

1 Response to “Review: Skudge – Convolution / Contamination”

  1. 1 Van Rivers February 14, 2010 at 13:07

    Absolutely awesome piece of dance music!

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