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The Office #18 – Levon Vincent (Novel Sound & Deconstruct, USA)

The Office #18 with Levon Vincent! We’re so happy to have Levon over for a real session. This is going to be great! Also playing are two residents from The Office, Johannes Björhn and Henrik Bergqvist.

Hope to see you there!


The SOUL AID site is a Japanese relief site, where you can download music for free. There is also a possibility to donate money to the site which aims to help in the rebuilding of Japan.

Please have a look, at least you’ll find a lot of good music!

The Office #17 – Skudge Album Release Party

On the 26th of March, The Office presents the Skudge Album Release Party, where we celebrate another party as well as Skudge’s first album ‘Phantom’.

First off, Bleak will start off the night by playing a dj set that will put the mood into the groove—Bleak’s release on Sudden Drop is a really special one.

Skudge is playing live for their second time at The Office, where they had their debute for almost one year ago. A lot has happened to the guys since that special spring moment, as they have continued to push their sound on mainly Skudge Records, but also managed to create remixes for other artists of the scene.

To make sure that The Office will be as good as possible, we also invited DJ Rolando to play, where he will make sure that the involontary levitations will be as painless as possible.

I will finish the night off—if it will even be possible that is.

Event: Skudge LIVE at Berghain

After a lot of practice, tweaking, refining and reflection, Skudge made their debut performance at The Office in May. The performance was without any doubt, one of the best live sets I’ve heard. With some advancements since then, the core of Skudge is still a strong one, where the idea becomes something more in a pace that I doubt any other producer duo would be able to maintain.

The 10th of July they make their first apperance at Berghain, together with DJ Pete, Marcel Dettmann, Kenny Larkin as well as Chez Damier at Panorama Bar.

Them being two close friends of mine, I can’t begin to write how proud I am. I hope to see you there!

Skudge LIVE + Funktion One @ The Office



Mike Dehnert – Live at The Office (Stockholm, Sweden), 27 February 2010


Download here

Henrik Bergqvist w/ Ståltrådsvägen #1 (For The Purists)

With the next The Office around the corner, featuring a live set by Mike Dehnert, Henrik who works with me and some other friends at The Office sent off a mix he did.

Being one of the most driven persons I know, his track selection and persistence is displayed in a friendly and super cool manner with this first mix output. After a lot of work with selecting records for his first mix, he decided to re-think his approach – making the track selection on the flow, keeping things dynamic and always on the edge. This technique and personal sonic spectrum shows his idea behind the music, as well as his unpredicted advancement throughout as a dj taking action.

1. Imax – 3.32 AM (LL)
2. DJ Joey Anderson – Three Analysis (Strength Music)
3. Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Sugarspoon (Klang)
4. Terrence Dixon – Below Radar (Children of Tomorrow)
5. TC Crew – Bad Edit (Rhythm Beat)
6. DB-X – Bleep (Accelerate)
7. Norman Nodge – Native Rhythm Electric (Ostgut Ton)
8. Stephan Laubner – ? (Perlon)
9. Robert Hood – Sleep is the Cousin of Death (M-Plant)
10. Tungston – Matra (Exalt)
11. S.B. Project – Track #18 (Cosmic)
12. Traktor 3000 – White Traktor (DIN)
13. Traxmen – Caution (Dance Mania)
14. Gallop & Poindexter – Blackholes (Musique)
15. Bluejean – This is the Sound of (Fourth Floor)
16. Micronism – The Quiet Mind (Nurture)

Mike Dehnert LIVE + Funktion One @ The Office



DJ @ Cocktail Club Retox, Boxing Day (26/12)

The Office #11 – Donato Dozzy

Thanks to Evelina for all the pictures