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Review: Robert Hood – Alpha (James Ruskin Remix) / The Family

Label: M-Plant
Catalog#: M.PM11


A: Alpha (James Ruskin Remix)

B: The Family

Both M-Plant and Blueprint has been revived in appreciation to both dj’s and fans, taking their traditional sounds and talent into the state of today. When it comes to the production, they invite new acts for remixes as well as releasing new material which is a perfect combination with labels held in such high regards.

For this release, Hood has invited James Ruskin to remix one of the best tracks from the ‘Alpha’ album-releases, in which Ruskin shakes the track up a little bit by transforming it’s hard and reduced state into a more fully edged techno track – though not so similar to his previous work, but similar enough to combine his and Hood’s sounds into a remix that feels rightly placed and will probably work many floors.

The gold is on the B-side though, where Hood’s new production ‘The Family’ brings hints from the early M-Plant releases, though sounding fresh enough to be placed amongst the excellent ‘Master to Prophet / Clash’ release as well as the ‘Superman / Range’ release (two of his best records in a really long time). ‘The Family’ showcases a very reduced but powerful enough production to contest into one of the best tracks this year.

M.PM11 is out 14th February.

Thanks to Addy and Robert Hood for this release.

Review: Milton Bradley – Do Not Resist The Beat! #06

Label: Do Not Resist The Beat!
Catalog#: BEAT06

A: A Sky Full Of Numbers

B1: The Path To Mathematical Truth

B2: Numerical Analysis

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For Milton Bradley it comes as no surprise when a new ‘Do Not Resist The Beat!’ gets placed on the shelves and sold out in the same day.

With a label that holds such high standards as Milton’s, placed in the hearts of dj’s after only 6 releases, he is able to extract the current styles within techno and twist it into dark and haunting pieces of wax. After having pushed this sound into different directions, the A-side ‘A Sky Full of Numbers’ showcases a more refined and detailed track, focusing on a almost stepping attitude and combining his way of techno, ‘A Sky Full of Numbers’ is one of his best tracks to date.

On the other side, the same attention to detail goes even further on B1. The almost droning melody keeps everything together at a perfectionist rate, making ‘The Path To Mathematical Truth’ really stand out on a good sound system. For B2, ‘Numerical Analysis’ brings the 12″ into an experimental state, with brewing structures and a somewhat indistinguishable beat which fits perfectly with the rest of the elements and sums up #06 in a clever way.

One of the finest!

Thanks to Henning and Milton for this release.