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The Office #9

We who run The Office, the members only parties in collaboration with Detroit, are very proud to present our ninth members party.

This time, we invite one of the most talked about DJ and producer from one of the most talked about clubs and labels. He will also be playing on a sound system by the same company from that specific club.

If you are in Stockholm around mid-may, I suggest to register as a member at Detroits Vänner A.S.A.P! All to be sure not to miss it out.


Review: Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson – The Clock

Label: Rekids
Catalog#: REKIDS 037


A: The Clock

B: The Clock – Ben Klock’s Timepiece

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Every time I listen to this record, I wonder over and over again why the original track was pressed on it. It’s so clear that Ben Klock transforms the originals lack of groove and blunt futile shape into a very original and impressive remix.

If I had a say in it all, I would put Klock’s remix on the A side, which suits perfectly with it’s cavenous atmosphere and scour drums. The tripping melody that acts like glue in the structure of the track, gets shook up by the heavy synth stabs that penetrates it all in a excellent way. As for the imaginative B-side, a suitable remix from Radio Slave himself would bring a much more interesting sound than the current tracklist.

It’s all about the B-side!

Review: Planetary Assault Systems – Temporary Suspension

Label: Ostgut Tonträger
Catalog#: o-ton24


A: Temporary Suspension

B: Mark Me


Having featured tracks on two out of three Berghain mix CD’s, being played and charted by almost every resident DJ that’s connected with the Ostgut crew, Planetary Assault System’s first release on Ostgut was a pleasant semi-surprise. The consistant quality output that Ostgut have maintained at a tight release “schedule”, it amazes me how they manage to almost always pull it off.

‘Temporary Suspension’ is one of those tracks that brings you into a really strange sonic mindstate, with a extremely subtle bassline combined with a sinebass that’s almost not audiable, PAS manage to create a ground from which the percussion and synth lies steadily upon. Various changes in the melodic patterns create the feeling that it’s very live and driven forward – trippy!

On the other side, ‘Mark Me’ has a hard hitting edge combined with a traditional PAS production style. It’s very raw and reduced. With clever beat variations and small melodies, the metallic snares and hi-hats gets the depth of a Omar-S presence (think the ‘Blown Valvetrane’ release on Sound Signature). The quality organisation of sounds and the experimental sense of this track really brings out the best of modern techno.

The release is due in early May.

Review: Kevin Saunderson – History Elevate

Label: KMS & Fabric


1. Good Love – Luciano’s Good Love Remix
2. Bounce Your Body To The Box – Mike Shannon’s Flashback Mix
3. Just Want Another Chance – John Tejada Remix
4. Big Fun – Simian Mobile Disco Remix
5. Till We Meet Again – Carl Craig Remix
6. The Human Bond – Claude VonStroke Rave Recognize Rave Mix
7. Rock To The Beat – Ben Sims Remix
8. Rock To The Beat – Christian Smith & John Selway Remix
9. Pump The Move – Samuel L Session Remix
10. World Of Deep – Jesse’s Respect To Detroit Remix
11. Bassline – Joris Voorn 07 Remix
12. Bassline – Loco Dice Remix
13. Good Love – Jay Haze Edit
14. Good Life – Mathew Jonson Remix
15. Kevin Saunderson History Elevate – Continuous Mix

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The History Elevate series from KMS has been running since september 2007. Five vinyl releases with remixes of highly regarded producers with a wide range of styles.

Now the previously released tracks together with a new remix by Ben Sims gets compiled on this album release. The tracklist differs a lot from the digital version and the two disc CD version. The digital one has all tracks that are mixed on the second CD released together with it, but the CD version has a different first CD, with remixes by Kevin Saunderson himself. This review is for the digital version.

The first track is Luciano’s remix of Good Love, a remix that resembles both his and Saunderson’s style very well. The remix got pretty good support and was more or less rinsed by Luciano for over 6 months before it was released to the public. That guitar is deadly, and combined with those tripping vocals it’s a track that has a clear direction and flow, combining a slower vibe with high intensity building samples.

As for the second track, the pace gets higher with Shannon’s Flashback, which is a so-not-so raw remix of ‘Bounce Your Body To The Box’ – a clear and probably aware connection to DJ Sneak’s later work with hard hitting drums and a “dirty” and “sexy” bassline. It’s a alright track, but it’s not leaning towards the better one’s on the samplers and the CD.

John Tejada has created a really crafty remix of ‘Just Want Another Chance’. Comparing it side by side to the original, there’s not much that differ, except a synth which makes the track feel more modern and clear. This is really one of the best tracks on this release, a track that has a dark and mesmerising tone combined with a 909 hi-hat and classic Saunderson vocals – paradise!

‘Big Fun’ gets a treatment from Simian Mobile Disco, which brings it into a calmer groove with a sense of respect to the history of the track. Even though the choice of remixer here is a bit strange, SMD pulls it off in a good way. The track is very well produced and is easy to get in to which suits a more mainstream crowd, which I guess is a consious move from both Saunderson and SMD.

Track five is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in ages. Featured on the first History Elevate vinyl, this one really outshines all other remixes on this release. It’s honestly a pretty strange track, it doesn’t really “go” anywhere in the sense that it progresses very slowly and maintains pretty much the same structure from beginning to end – still, the amount of energy Carl Craig has packed into this track is absolutely unbelieveable. I haven’t dared to play this out even once yet.

I read a while back (can’t remember the source, sorry) that Claude VonStroke had trouble getting the feeling that his remix made justice to the original and the sound he was pursuing. He then shifted his focus and created this remix that is leaning towards the french electro sound but still being compatible with techno.

The tracklist has now reached the more traditional techno remixes of Saunderson’s originals, with Ben Sims, Samuel L. Session and Joris Voorn giving their take’s a signature sound and kicking the pace to a higher level. Sim’s has done a tripping and atmospheric track that isn’t as hard as his own releases are. Samuel L. Session brings ‘Pump The Move’ into a more modern structure and progression, featuring his traditional drum programming and style, ‘Pump The Move’ goes into a more clean sound that will suit a lot of people. Voorn’s remix of ‘Bassline’ got a lot of feedback from people that, honestly, love the “modern Detroit” sound, which I in general don’t. The remix is definitely solid and suits the floors very well with it’s high energy and tidy progression, but the track get’s a bit tideous after a few listens and that way it suffers from an early death.

Mathew Jonson’s take on ‘Good Life’ is a very impressive remix, being compatible with a more traditional reduced sound, it’s the most raw track on the CD. Lash snares that penetrates the groove and gives the track space works really well with the rearranged vocals from the original. Clever!

The mix is what you can expect, a very well mixed one featuring all the tracks in the tracklist, nothing special really.

Review: Edit-Select & Len Faki – Berghain 03 Part 2

Label: Ostgut Tonträger
Catalog#: o-ton23

A: Edit-Select – Bauer

B: Len Faki – BX 3


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The second and last part of samplers from Len Faki’s ‘Berghain 03’ mix features two previously unreleased tracks by Edit-Select and Len Faki himself.

Edit-Select starts off with a seething and haunting atmospheric track on the A-side, where the focus remains on small changes in the background. Heavy filtered white noise that steams up from everywhere fills the tracks steady beat with a sense of progression and elevation. Being so blatant in it’s DJ tool sense, the track is really something special and Edit-Select pushes it in and out through the locked groove sense that it’s made of.

As for the B-side, Len Faki transforms his signature sound into something different and fresh. A dub vibe combined with a more technoid groove, very much a like the Radio Slave track ‘Neverending…..’, he pursues a sense of timelessness and a mesmerising feeling throughout the entire length of the track. Of course it features Faki’s well known siren, but it’s placed in such manner that it doesn’t get too much attention from the groove, it just blends into the heavy break and disappears just as fast as it arrived.

Playing this in the right environment and to the right crowd, it’s a winner.

Live at The Office with Cio D’or

Usually I have a lot of excuses for the bad mixing, but not this time … I hope you still like it though! The mix is made by me, Noah Gibson. Cio’s mix was never recorded!

“Noah. Kör fett hårt den här gången”


1. Radio Slave – Neverending…..
2. DJ Koze – I Want To Sleep
3. Shed – Kinky Dudes
4. Tan-Ru – Changeling
5. Gowentgone – M.A.M. – Marcel Dettmann Remix
6. 3 Phase – A2
7. Robert Hood – School
8. Seldom Felt – Seldom Felt 2 A
9. Shed – The Lower Upside Down – Surgeon Remix
10. Marcel Dettmann – Plain
11. Jörg Henze – Karbon
12. “DS50188-1”
13. Marcel Dettmann – Lattice
14. Seldom Felt – Seldom Felt 2 B
15. MMM – Donna
16. Surgeon – Bad Hands Break Part II
17. Shed – That Beats Everything!
18. Substance & Vainqueur – Emerge 1 – British Murder Boys Remix 1
19. Mike Dehnert – Umlaut Remix 1
20. Kenny “Jammin'” Jason – Can U Dance?

Download 320kbps (CBR) MP3 file


Chart: April 2009

1. MMM – Donna / MMM

2. Shed – The Lower Upside Down – Surgeon Remix / Ostgut Ton

3. Jus’ Gus – Emotion Reset

4. DBX – City On The Edge of Forever / Peacefrog

5. 2562 – Kontrol / Tectonic

6. Fever Ray & The Subliminal Kid – Memories From When I Grew Up

7. Snuff Crew – The Name / Playhouse

8. D-Saw – Track 10:30 – Scan X Remix / Superstition

9. Milton Bradley – Feel Forgotten / Do Not Resist The Beat!

10. Noah Gibson – Battery – 20 8 5 22 9 19 9 15 14

+ looking forward to the Dettmann + Shed collaboration!