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Review: DJ Deep – City To City 3

Label: BBE
Catalog#: BBE119

1. Dee Dee Brave – Feel The Breeze (DJ Deep “Mix” Edit)
2. Kerri Chandler – Pong (Ben Klock Remix)
3. Redshape – The Box
4. Traxx – XTC 4 Luv
5. M+M – M+M Theme
6. Mutant Beat Dance – In a Daze (Original Dub)
7. Project Democracy – Is This Dream For Real
8. Glenn Underground – Escuchame
9. Kool Rock Steady – I’ll Make You Dance
10. Marcel Dettmann – Apron
11. K.A Possee – Tell Alexi
12. Gentry Ice – Utilize The Beat
13. Frozen Border – Frozen Border
14. The Minister – 2nd Try Of The 1st Step Into The 3rd Dimension
15. Chicago Music Syndrome – Work It
16. Armando – Don’t Take It (Thomos Edit)
17. Armando – We’re On The Move (Snare Your Ass Off)
18. Claro Intelecto – Signals

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Review of the digital mix version.

For a really long time, there hasn’t been a house mix that was released as a official release containing so many deadly tracks, being mixed so vibrant and actually making a lot of sense.

Even though there’s been a lot of diverse, fresh-sounding and bullet proof house mixes being released in the last few years, DJ Deep’s latest volume in his ‘City To City’ showcase does something other mixes doesn’t; making the pure feeling of the tracks really stands out in a very unique way.

Featuring both timeless classics, new classics as well some deep dug 12″s, ‘City To City 3’ features tracks that have their foundation based on real, rather than purism. This makes the mix special in the long run as well, by being diverse and showcasing the sound of DJ Deep’s preferred house tracks in a way that is thought out and well respected.

Starting off the mix as a bit of slow building and mood defining selection, DJ Deep keeps it all interesting by carefully selecting the following tracks until the feeling of him actually being able to play whatever he wants, without second doubt shining through.

If this mix wasn’t enough, thanks to DJ Deep’s compilation and crate digging skills, there’s been a new way to get hold of long lost tracks and hidden classics being served through a 2×12″ vinyl sampler and CD.

Be sure to check this mix out, as well as getting hold of the sample vinyls. The tracks are truly essential!

Review: Shed – The Traveller

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: OSTGUTCD14


1. STP 2
2. Keep Time
3. The Bot
4. Atmo – Action
5. 44A (Hard Wax forever!)
6. …Can’t Feel It.
7. Mayday
8. No Way!
10. My R-Class
11. Final Experiment
12. The Traveller
13. Hello Bleep!
14. Leave Things


Review of the CD version.

Head strong and confident, Shed delivers an album that is far more atmospheric and abstract than his previous work. Even though there has been a big turn in the actual output, the constant feeling of energy has gotten more room from ‘Shedding The Past’, and fills ‘The Traveller’ album up with a lot of inspiration and thought. As told by himself previously, Shed tries to “go back” to his own roots when making these tracks, drawing inspiration without nostalgia from that time.

An important aspect of this album, is the fact that it’s not so much of a “techno album” in a generalized sense, but rather a formula that delivers its emotions in a very advanced way. Combined with the melodies that differ a lot from each other, Shed delivers also advanced beats and structured patterns – something that has also been taken into a new level. Cravling and constant developing excursions are present on the more ambient pieces, reaching highlight with ‘Leave Things’ as well as the important ‘The Bot’ and equally heavy ‘Keep Time’ made to put the emphasis on the beats.

With the broad spectrum of styles and tastes, it’s hard to pin down the favorites. There are always a special moment in every track, there’s always details or shifts in the music to look out for, something Shed has managed to make the listener abide to.

‘The Traveller’ will be released on August 30th.

My favorite tracks:

Leave Things

Atmo – Action

44A (Hard Wax Forever!)

Review: Skudge – Overture / Mirage

Label: Skudge Records
Catalog#: SKUDGE 003


A: Overture

B: Mirage

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When Skudge releases their third release, they have not only proven that they maintain their quality sound over three EP’s, but they also manage to display a more hypnotic and less melancholic sound.

There’s a lot of thought and process behind every release; When Skudge’s working conditions aren’t optimal in the studio or not being met during day-time, they simply sit up all night working – the result might at first be something tangiable but yet to be completed, which means another all-night session the day after. Even though the results that does get a pressed release are worth it, there’s a lot of different ideas getting processed for every 12″. This means that the quality control is almost equal to the amount of time spent on creating each track, which also reflects on their capability and deliberate DIY-approach.

With ‘Overture’, there’s been a shift upon where the depth of their sound lies. Going from a very subtle and detailed sound, Skudge seem to have put forward one of their most raw tracks to date. The gritted and reel to reel treated track instantly kicks in into a state of hypnosis – especially during the progressions that remains detailed for the trained ear. The result feels very unique but at the same time as something you’d expect from the dancefloors it was made for.

Keeping the pace with ‘Mirage’, a track that shakes the walls (especially when experienced live) and keeps that boxed in feeling of well arranged and structured feelings of a 7 A.M. atmopshere, it just makes you want to let go. Enduring a night with ‘Mirage’ getting dropped in just the right moment, there is a unique atmosphere brought with it, in which Skudge proves they own the territory.

Review: Maskin Ljud – Den Första Färden

Label: Färden Records
Catalog#: Färden 001


A1: Metro X01

A2: Kombinerad Syra

B: Filtrerad Symfoni

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When this type of techno comes out, there’s always the line between what feels “sufficient” to put out as a release and what actually feels like something that needs to be released.

The difference between the two has in recent time resulted in, unfortunately, “we need to just release” – a stream of output that in some sense is fun and interesting to follow, to digitally cratedig and going to the stores to listen to them. What gets lost along the way though, is the momentum every artist and label actually has with their initial release, the release that will somehow put out the path of it’s sonic and atmospehric artistry.

What at first might sound as “just another one of those records”, which has as a phrase become somewhat overused due to the unprecise ears of a few, the attention to rhythmic details strikes Maskin Ljud as a producer knowing what works and what doesn’t; with the paradox of releasing tracks that actually works very well on the floor might not suffice for others.

‘Den Första Färden’ is the first release from the new label ‘Färden’. Featuring a swedish artist by the name Maskin Ljud, the ‘Färden’ label puts out three tracks that follow a structure set out a long time ago; but doing it with a fresh style.

As the A-side really is the highlight of the record, ‘Kombinerad Syra’ and ‘Filtrerad Melodi’ does not act as fillers, its just that they deserve a different momentum than ‘Metro X01’ on the A side.

With a sound that goes broad comes the advantage of being suitable for many djs and listeners, which is something that in this case is entierly good.

Chart: August 2010

Shed a Light

When it comes to full range, dynamic and prosperous atmospheres, René Pawlowitz seems to create his magnum opus with every new release; with an important note, that his use of different aliases for all of his styles have an equally big impact on the scenes they turn to.

In 2008, the ‘Shedding The Past’ album was released on Ostgut Ton as the first album from René, put under the Shed name that derives from the album title. Although the album itself had a huge impact due to it’s many rooted tracks and moods, there was also the sense of an album not following any concept.

“STP was kind of a compilation, that is true. All these tracks were made in 3 years around 2006-08.”

With ‘Shedding The Past’, the different tracks and moods created a very unique sound, not really following any traditional structures usually found within his closer producer friends. Drawing inspiration from a lot of different styles, René seems to be able to combine these into his own sound – which is highly regarded as one of a kind.

“It’s coming from the days where UK-Hardcore was growing up. When Carl Craig as BFC or Piece and Kevin Saunderson as Tronik House still made good tracks… long time ago……”

“For “The Traveller” it was more a creating of a long player. All the tracks are only made for this album. The album grew from track to track. This album is very contiguous. It’s maybe more made for listening it at home.”

As with most of Shed’s productions, all of the tracks on ‘The Traveller’ share a constant continuation of pure energy, that seems to bind together not only the rhythm and structure, but also the soul and honesty. There is a huge emotive impact that can’t be denied in the productions, especially when they are played in the right environment.

“The melody. The simple melody… constant repeating. Easy construction. No arty-farty or constructed breaks.”

Do you think it’s possible to combine the attitude and sounds from Equalized, Wax, Shed and The Panamax Project into an album?

“Yes, definitely. As you can hear. Hopefully….. Hahaha! 🙂 No, actually not. Because EQD or Wax – tracks are made for the floor, for dj’s. This album is not made for dj’s. All the tracks are very short and not formulated. 2 things why the dj’s of today will/can’t play it.”