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Review: VA – Sub:stance

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: OSTGUTCD11


01. Sigha – Light Swells – In A Distant Space
02. Airhead – Paper Street
03. Sigha – Early Morning Lights
04. Pangaea – Sunset Yellow
05. Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The
06. Shortstuff – See Ya
07. Untold – No-one Likes A Smart Arse
08. Scuba – You Got Me
09. Surgeon – Klonk Pt.4
10. DFRNT – Headspace – Scuba’s Secret Mix
11. AQF – Born And Raised – Version
12. Badawi – Anlan 7
13. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
14. Mount Kimbie – Maybes – James Blake Remix
15. Sigha – Seeing God
16. Ramadanman – Tempest
17. Instra:mental – Voyeur
18. Sigha – Shapes
19. George Fitzgerald – Don’t You
20. Scuba – Minerals
21. Shackleton – It’s Time For Love
22. Digital Mystikz (Mala) – Stand Against War
23. Scuba – Last Stand
24. Joker – Psychedelic Runway

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When combining the energy of Berghain and Panorama Bar, together with a (in context) unusual side of dubstep, the Sub:stance club manages to take out the best of both “sides” – and fuse them into a concrete monster. Even though the sharp and ambitious sound may seem a bit uneasy as well as clever, the direction in which Sub:stance is going seems more natural than ever.

Keeping the essence of the sounds that define dubstep, as well as the tempos, structure and attitude while fusing them together with a very techno-fied city and all the inspiration, aspiration as well as unique sense of bass music – Scuba seems more than just fit to create a mix CD of it all.

There is a very scientific feeling that is the backbone of the track selection as well as the progression of the mix as a whole. Keeping a profiled and ambitious droning sound throughout, the subtle (and sometimes very direct) beat goes in and out. This keeps everything interesting, as well as leaving room for a more experimental and a bit untouched sound. Everything reminds a lot of Scuba’s own work, as well as the artists and musicians surrounding him and the Sub:stance club. Expect long droning pieces and soundscapes, combined with deadly levels of bass, as well as sound that is so clear and unique it can almost be physically touched.

Most of the time, the mix keeps an atmosphere of a state of both high awareness and everything in a daze. It requires not so much as to listening, but an open mind to the music. The parallell of it all comes in with f.e. Joy Orbison’s ‘Hyph Mngo’ which, in a good way, breaks everything off and leaves as soon as the mix gets a grip of what is going on. In perspective, this seems very natural for Scuba as well as trying to fuse both vertical and horizontal energy with the mix (and seeing him as a live dj too).

As a conclusion, imagine Berghain with a dubstep sound; this is exactly, with and without frills, the first thing that comes to mind.

Review: Planetary Assault Systems – Remixes

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: o-ton31

A: X Speaks To X – Appleblim & Al Tourettes Remix

B: Hold It – Deuce Remix


With Planetary Assault Systems (PAS) highly experimental album ‘Temporary Suspension’ released on Ostgut, there were no doubt about a remix 12″ following it later on.

As the Ostgut crew reaches out to new artists to come and play in their club, new remixers joins in and create a new take on already established Berghain performers. Al Tourettes and Appleblim takes the heavy ‘X Speaks To X’ from the album, and transform it into something that is very hard to narrow down into a genre – it’s highly influenced and very rough, but at the same time remotely close to dubstep and techno. This remix is very impressive in almost every regard; being very unexpected as a remix on PAS, Appleblim and Al Tourettes takes ‘X Speak To X’ into a new dimension.

Deuce on the other hand bring their raw and extremely reduced sound into PAS original of ‘Hold It’ – a standout track on the album. With only one release as a duo, Deuce manage to fuse early days techno with the raw aspects of the present which is clearly the case with this remix. Featuring just a few elements from the original, they put in their own groove with a steady beat and manage to create a very sublime but also displaying a powerful, distinct and fresh sound.

‘Remixes’ is out in late November.

Review: Tama Sumo – Panorama Bar 02

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: OSTGUTCD10


1. Tin Man – Constant Confusion
2. John Daly – Birds
3. Nina Kraviz – Voices – Jenifa Mayanja Remix
4. Steffi – 24 Hours
5. Lerosa – Plesso
6. Prosumer & Murat Tepeli – U & I
7. John Roberts – Blame
8. Trus’Me – W.A.R. Dub
9. Kassem Mosse – Zolarem
10. Shed – Stiff Job
11. Newworldaquarium – Trespassers – Redshape Trespassed Mix
12. Mike Huckaby – Wavetable No.9
13. XDB – Jet
14. Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam
15. Lucretio – Good Words
16. The Oliverwho Factory – Together
17. Basic Soul Unit – Things Pass
18. Marcus Mixx – Without Makeup – Ron Hardy Mix
19. Ost & Kjex – Continental Lover
20. Tama Sumo & Prosumer – Alien Mutts
21. Soundstream – All Night

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With the discussion of mix CD’s general necessity, an output of two of them in one year may seem as a dare move for a record label, especially one held in such high regard as Ostgut Ton. What makes the Ostgut mixes different from many others is the amount of ambition, idea and talent behind every mix – something that is hard to show through just the music itself. Provided with that, the anticipation is risen to a higher level; but at the same time the tolerance of track selection is lower, giving a expectation of almost extreme proportions.

Over three years has passed since Cassy’s Panorama Bar 01 was released. At that time, many of my friends and myself had never experienced something quite like that CD – it was so unique and very inspirational. Highly limited records where mixed together with extreme precision as well as the futuristic sounds of, by that time, the only four to six year old (depending on how you see it) dubstep genre.

As the news of a second Panorama Bar mix got out, “everybody” was expecting something that continued in the path of the first mix, following the same sound but with fresh ideas. With this reference, it’s very hard to showcase something that means a lot to the DJ behind the mix – I guess this is the case for Tama Sumo. Going off with tracks such as Ost & Kjex’s ‘Continental Lover’ together with The Oliverwho Factory, XDB, Shed and Kassem Mosse on the same CD, it seems very difficult to maintain a certain consistency that is in fact the groove of the set. I never hesitated that Tama Sumo is a very talented DJ and I really appreciate the Ostgut label managers to choose her for the second mix, but there’s something vital missing with this release.

The ingredients are there and the emotion of Panorama Bar is certainly there – but that very undefinable feeling of time distortion, sweat, hard work, extreme track selection and a pursuit of a “higher level of conciousness” is not there. It’s more like a shell that, surely is a good mix, but not a lot more unfortunately.

For what it’s worth, the effort with this mix is something that should be considered when buying it and it’s something that will grow with time – the one thing that would probably dissapoint the most is the direct impact it does not have at the first listen.

Review: Marcel Dettmann – MDR 06

Label: Marcel Dettmann Records
Catalog#: MDR 06


A1: Apron

A2: Kernel

B1: Rerun

B2: Tattered

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With a very anticipated label comes the expectations of extremely good quality with every release, as well as the ability to deliver with each rising catalogue number.

WIth ‘MDR 06’, Marcel displays a new take on his traditional sound. This side of his music feels probably a bit strange, but at the same time familiar with all elements included. ‘Apron’ keeps things at the peak just like the previous tracks, but it has a certain calm feeling to it that lets the strength of the attitude behind the track take most of the space. A unclear rhythmic ground, going from one path to another, constantly shifting between them, brings a more subtle and concentrated power and punch from the percussive elements.

‘Kernel’ shows a somewhat certain Sähkö influence behind the feelings of the track, a very static melody that feels extremely transistor generated, is acompanied by a extremely scary bassline and drum. Not leaving a single element behind, ‘Kernel’ kicks (litterary) the shit out of the speakers with full force, creating a track that will take a lot of momentum to make fit in a DJ set.

As for the other side of the record, ‘Rerun’ starts off with full force, only this time with a more classic and less spare sense. The direct feel of the track shines through as the mesmerizing rhythmic melody slowly goes into itself and then back out again, creating a feeling of everything going forward – horisontal energy at it’s best.

‘Tattered’ has the same aspects of ‘Kernel’, but it feels a lot different due to it’s more IDM-like nature. Unidentifiable elements combine each other in a way that feels very forgotten for 2009, as well as a very new and fresh take by Dettmann. The track is the one that feels most honest of all four, leaving the record in a perfect state of full content.

Excellent material that takes the direction of techno into a state of absolute cluelessness.

Review: Skanfrom – Are You Alone?

Label: The All-Clear
Catalog#: AC-3


A: Are You Alone?

B1: I Will Miss You 1

B2: I Will Miss You 2

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The future hasn’t felt as present than with this release from Roger Semsroth’s Skanfrom.

Picking up both a new direction and previous musical activites, sleeparchive has released a experimental noise 10″ on the sleeparchive label, as well as a extremely limited cassette(!) and a CD-R on an Hungarian label. As I’ve waited for another classic ZZZ release, Semsroth puts out this electro 7″ which makes me forget everything I was waiting for from him.

The extreme emotion and intensity of the first track brings out the best of futuristic visions, as well as bringing up memories of Blade Runner and pre-00’s nostalgia. The focus is on building and evolving melodies that combine each other in a very special way, making the track seem constant but at the same time going somewhere. The bassline is doing what it’s “supposed” to do, keeping it all in place.

The B-sides however follow the same pattern, but a more clear electro influence shines through, which feels like a fresh breeze (especially within the genre) – modern, sharp and self-distance tracks that feels like they all belong together.

Review: DVS1 – Searching

Label: Klockworks
Catalog#: KW 05


A: Searching

B1: Floating

B2: Running

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After DVS1 sent his demo to Klock, the response was immediate. Being played by Klock at Free Your Mind festival this year, probably as well as a large number of other DJ sets, DVS1 put out three tracks that represents the current sound and state of the Berghain DJs and followers.

With ‘Searching’, a track that might first strike as quite futile, the power of the excellent progression and mesmerizing capabilities might only be proven at the grounds it was made for; dark clubs with a soundtrack orchestrated by the DJs of the same atmosphere as the track itself. Endlessly climbing with a steady beat, ‘Searching’ combines the elements of Ben Klock’s own material as well as the unexplored sides of producers catching up on the Ostgut sound and influence.

Keeping things just as cool, but more reduced, ‘Floating’ pinpoints the more experimental aspects of f.e. Cio D’or, certain Sähkö tracks and even a dose of Peter Van Hoesen. The same haunting feeling of ‘Searching’ is there, only more abstract and not so direct.

‘Running’ sounds a little bit as a revised ‘Searching’, but exceptionally more climbing and not as punching as the previous tracks – things goes a bit more atmospheric and in the long run, probably, more interesting.

Review: WAX No. 20002

Label: WAX
Catalog#: No. 20002


A: Untitled

B: Untitled

Following three excellent white labels on Equalized and Wax, Shed delivers the second one in the latter.

Bringing in a more house groove to the tracks, his trademark aesthetics and funk gets a more distinct groove. Being a close follower of his releases, the A-side resembles the most of his previous material. The cut up percussion and drums fills up by a heavy but yet underlying bass that fills the entire spectrum in the wall of sound. A feeling of oldschool is hard to avoid, but the track does something new at the same time, being both distinct but yet to be pinpointed.

As for the B-side, the house influence is not hard to feel. A slow piano swirls around combined with Shed’s undefinable sound structures and easy percussion. The intensity in the track is always present, but when the beat kicks in, the energy that gets released makes it a candidate for the track of the year.

Wax No. 20002 is only available in the physical Hard Wax store.

Review: Gowentgone – Remixes 2

Label: Vidab
Catalog#: vidab 08.5

A: Love And Respect – Oracy’s Dusty Basement Attempt

B: Point-Blank – Sven’s Blank Cut Mix, Remix By Sven Weisemann


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Gowentgone gets his second remix treatment by two producers that reside in the deeper house camp, which is strange and pretty daring since the original tracks are more techno-ish. As well as the previous installment, this one has a dusty feel to it. A certain rawness that in combination with the great structure and experimental value in both tracks makes them worth your while.

Oracy from Mojuba and a.r.t.l.e.s.s. throws in a lot of sublime power and ambient qualities and sonic manipulations, topping off with a haunting treatment on the vocal. The excellent sparse use of samples from the original makes the sound breathe in a different way, making the track more confident and a bit more uncompromising. Excellent material.

Swen’s nautical and gwan dub style fits perfectly with the style of the original ‘Point Blank’. Slowly evolving structures that have a special focus on them, which in combination makes the track feel heavy and always going forward.

I wish I lived in the UK…