Review: Cio D’or – Die Faser Part Three

Label: Prologue
Catalog#: PRG010


A1: Organza – Milton Bradley Remix

A2: Organza – Transparet Dub

B1: Mohair – Pendle Coven Pantone Remix

B2: Organza – Samuli Kemppi Remix

With the new album on Prologue, Cio D’or and her ‘Die Faser’ release feels as a natural progression for a woman who certainly has established her own atmosphere and style.

Creating a steady stream of mesmerizing releases requires a feedback from producers and dj’s who, with not only their own support for the releases, also get a chance to display their own interpretations of these tracks. This feels very healthy for this style within techno, as well as natural as a tighter and more steady frame for this particular sound gets established.

As the third and final remix 12″ gets out, three of the most stunning and perhaps forward-thinking producers goes side by side Cio Do’r. With this wide spectrum, the remixers clearly put a lot of emotion and atmosphere into their contributions.

‘Die Faser Part Three’ gets out 26th February.

Thanks to Cio D’or and Philipp for this release.

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