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Review: SCB – SCB001

Label: SCB
Catalog#: SCB001


A: 20_4

B: 3_5

The remix series from Scuba’s album ‘A Mutual Antipathy’ first saw the alias SCB, as well as the well recieved mix on mnml ssgs, Scuba delivers the first SCB release on the same titled label. Fusing his very atmospheric and delicate brewing sound with his previously half-established four over four tradition (that got high recognition with the excellent ‘Houndreds & Thousands’ on Hotflush a year back).

A constant floating feeling is always there, the same feeling as with Scuba’s previous work. Letting small details fill the gaps of the beats works very well in a more broken structure – it all gets even more interesting though, when a high tempo 4/4 beat takes up more space and pushes the tempo-feeling into a more steady state.

’20_4′ transforms this sound even more. Swirling percussion fuses in together with the melody in a way that has never felt so natural. There’s this very tangible climbing sense of the beat, a way that suits Scuba’s more stepping tracks but goes into full capabilities with this one.

On the other side is the phenomenal ‘3_5’, which paces down a bit but goes into a lost feeling of techno. This track features a very special melodic sense to it, where the percussion and noise floats into a new state – a tradition that hasn’t been followed for quite some time now. SCB displays a wider sense to this four over four territory with this track, which hopefully will be appreciated once people realize the power of this track.

The ‘SCB001’ is out 14th February.

Thanks to Philipp and Scuba for this release.

Review: WAX – Dub Shed Sessions I

Label: SubSolo
Catalog#: sub005


A: Dub Shed – STP Remix

B: 10001B – Panamax Mix


Displaying his excellent production skills within techno, Shed moves over to straight up dub sessions with the ‘Dub Shed Sessions I’ on SubSolo.

Fierce bass meditative drops circles around the excellent atmospheric keyboard patterns, combined in a way that sounds both fresh and unique, but still rating 100% on Shed’s own trademark sound. Leaning towards a bit of contemporary straight dub techno with ‘Dub Shed – STP Remix’, the focus is on a more direct and present take on the tracks progression, rather than inviting the listener into an already set-up wall of sound. Shaking off the melody from the centre, the spacious patterns reveal themselves as the extreme basslines comes in, removing all doubt about the direction of the track.

Taking the very straight up techno track from ‘WAX No. 10001’ B side, Shed displays yet another moniker(?) as Panamax, fusing the same linear groove from the original but taking the tempo down to inhumane tempo and filling the already colourful spectrum with wide percussion and even more slow building electric synthesizer swirls.

Time might tell how well this record works, but at the first listen, it’s something that feels a bit strange coming from Shed (yet, at the same time not).

Review: Levon Vincent – Solemn Days

Label: Deconstruct Music
Catalog#: DEC-02


A: Solemn Days

B: Polar Bear Make Nice With That Sea Lion

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Levon Vincent is co-running two different labels, where the sound of every record is something really special. That raw and dirty house feeling is maintained by a few artists and Vincent is easily one of it’s key artists. Where most tracks and artists in that specific style try to relentlessly pursue the “deep” of it all, most of them neglecting that the deepness is found within the attitude of that undescribable moment – not the perticular ethnic vibe, chants or bongos.

Stripping everything down and reducing things to it’s core is one hard and brave way to go. There aren’t many producers that actually manage to sound as themselves by doing this. There are even few who actually sound like it’s what they’ve been doing since they first started making music. Levon Vincent is one of those people.

With ‘Solemn Days’, Levon Vincent takes the sound he gave us with the first Deconstruct Music record aswell as the first Novel Sound release and pushes it into a more subtle direction. The constant pushing of the beat drives it all forward, giving the sparse elements a foundation to build on as well as maintaining the cool of all elements separately. The Omar-S-ish vibe of the melody fits perfectly, as Vincent constantly builds the momentun of the seemingly simple yet so effective groove – when the melody kicks in, you know you’re in good hands.

On the B-side, a seemingly reconstructed ‘Woman Is The Devil’ (DEC-01), ‘Polar Bear Make Nice With That Sea Lion’ brings out the chords with extreme precision and style. The very rawness of it all gets even better when a such organic instrument is introduced in a very unexpected way – constantly flowing through the wind-shaped snares and percussion, Levon Vincent shows his very talented modulation of every element and sound in the track.

Live at The Office with Cio D’or

Usually I have a lot of excuses for the bad mixing, but not this time … I hope you still like it though! The mix is made by me, Noah Gibson. Cio’s mix was never recorded!

“Noah. Kör fett hårt den här gången”


1. Radio Slave – Neverending…..
2. DJ Koze – I Want To Sleep
3. Shed – Kinky Dudes
4. Tan-Ru – Changeling
5. Gowentgone – M.A.M. – Marcel Dettmann Remix
6. 3 Phase – A2
7. Robert Hood – School
8. Seldom Felt – Seldom Felt 2 A
9. Shed – The Lower Upside Down – Surgeon Remix
10. Marcel Dettmann – Plain
11. Jörg Henze – Karbon
12. “DS50188-1”
13. Marcel Dettmann – Lattice
14. Seldom Felt – Seldom Felt 2 B
15. MMM – Donna
16. Surgeon – Bad Hands Break Part II
17. Shed – That Beats Everything!
18. Substance & Vainqueur – Emerge 1 – British Murder Boys Remix 1
19. Mike Dehnert – Umlaut Remix 1
20. Kenny “Jammin'” Jason – Can U Dance?

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Review: The Subliminal Kid – To The South

Label: Off-Key Industries
Catalog#: OKLTD 003

A: To The South

B: To The South – Matt O’Brien Remix

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The Kid of Sweden delivers a limited 12″ with one of the heaviest tracks that passed along this year. The focus on the original is around a hard hitting, no frills but yet so funky groove combined with a swirling synthline that appears from now and then, getting transformed to various shapes – and then suddenly stops to make room for the heavyweight beat. Excellent work that surley will break your subs.

Matt O’Brien’s remix takes the track to a different level, with a dub vibe combined with static percussion and a different depth in the rhythm. Nautical spheres that gets entangled in The Subliminal Kid’s atmospheric melody, that also get’s a treatment from O’Brien who shuffles the notes around to create a different sound.

Absolute destroyer.

I wish I lived in the UK…



Review: Claro Intelecto – Warehouse Sessions

Label: Modern Love
Catalog#: Love052cd

1. Thieves
2. New Dawn
3. Trial And Error
4. Signals
5. X
6. Only Yesterday
7. Instinct
8. Post
9. Hunt You Down
10. Momento
11. W6

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Raw and heavy warehouse sessions, forged by Modern Love’s Claro Intelecto.

From the first track you get thrown into the reduced and energetic sound that feels rough with a minimalistic edge. The sound transforms into different styles, ranging down to the deepest dub flowing and jacking techno to timeless structures from the 90’s, making a persistent effort to keep you focused.

It’s hard to define Claro Intelectos sound. It varies a lot and always keeps an experimental edge to it that flow through all frequencies and percussion. A certain remark is that he clearly shows that he is capable of delivering good material, with both frequent releasing and maintaining a high standard in the productions. Every track keeps a slow pace with horizontal energy and progression, which makes sense in the right context.

My favorite tracks:

New Dawn


Hunt You Down


Review: MLZ & Pacou – Remixes


Label: Cache Records
Catalog#: CACHE 011


A: Pacou – Minus – MLZ Remix

B: MLZ – New Analog Century – Pacou Remix

Rating: 4/5


New installment in the excellent Cache label!

As usual with Cache the release feels very worked through and holds a high standard, which is quite hard to come by these days.

MLZ is behind the Modern Love label, which is a part of the store Pacou is the man behind Cache Records. Together they have now remixed each other which is both interesting and a great result of two talents.

The MLZ remix on the A side has a very subtle but heavy feel to it, generated by haunting synthlines with reverbed claps and percussion, rattling hihats and a bubbling bassline. Perfect to close your eyes to and float away, the suble progressions in the track makes you forget about both time and space.

Pacou of Tresor fame has made his remix into a dub number with and extremely cut kick drenched in slow paced ping-pong-ish synth chord stabs. If you compare both sides of this 12″, the wall of sound is almost the same, which makes me guess they have influenced each other under the producing stage.

Not much can be said other than that the tracks feel absent of time and space, they create their own worlds in which they welcome you. This release is not so easy to swallow if you don’t like dubbed out soundscapes, but if you do, this one’s for you.

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