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News: 31st January 2009

I have a fresh mix up over at Modyfier, check it out here.

I hope you enjoy it!

Chart: January 2009

1. STP – The Fall – Peverelist Remix (+ T++ Remix) / SubSolo

2. Synkro – Just To See Her / Synkro

3. Frozen Border – FB01A / Frozen Border

4. Unknown – Tarpuntine Sun / Seldom Felt

5. “Unknown” – Unknown Material

6. “Unknown” – Emotion Reset

7. EQD – Equalized #002 A / Equalized

8. Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search – Ratio / Smallville

9. The Village Orchestra – Tober / Stuffrecords

10. Nukubus – Skylark – Dub Mix / Vonk

Review: STP – The Fall Remixes

Label: Subsolo
Catalog#: sub04

A: T++ Remix

B: Peverelist Remix

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T++ and Peverelist are key producers of the music I like, they always push things into what seems limitless directions, throwing in so much energy in the productions that it’s unbelieveable.

Here they remix Shed’s first release on the Subsolo label, that under the moniker of STP got released two years ago, which of course is one of my favorite tracks. The T++ remix is a heavy weight monster that fills the sound spectrum with industrial distortion and noise, combined with broken and delayed snares and percussion, fitted together with a hardcore-ish bassline and subtle synth variations that comes in from every direction. Weird sound structure that blasts it’s way into the heart of sound from 2009.

Peverelist expands the sorrow in the original track, filling it with a electric and excentric synthline, that adapts to the wall of sound and takes the track into a whole new level. Panned out and spacious percussion and improvised-like noises remains close to the bassline that lies at a more subtle state in comparsion to the A-side. The focus is instead on the melody, that as well as the original is a class of it’s own with it’s ever-growing state and no compromise techno-fuel, brings in a sense of what to expect from the promised combination of Shed and Peverelist.

Excellent release, you need to get this!

Review: Ben Klock – Before One EP


Label: Ostgut Tonträger
Catalog#: o-ton19

A1: Napoleon Hill

A2: Subzero

B1: Before One

B2: Init Two

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One of the most inspiring releases this year comes from Ostgut and Ben Klock. It’s haunting and mesmerizing sound captures what the most interesting techno of today stands for.

Ben Klock has recently put out a lot of his own material together with a few remixes, but the ‘Before One EP’ is definitely the best one.

Starting off with ‘Napoleon Hill’, a track with a vibrated synthline and 0 degrees pads swirling in the background, combined with Klock’s remarkable beats and sounds, senses that he has established a new direction in his own sound – a direction that feels a lot more inspiring and confident.

‘Subzero’ on the A2 is drenched in oil and howling beats, a rolling bassline with brush stroke-percussion and ambience, filling the excellent synthline with more depth and darkness. Unbelieveable power that only does justice on a well invested soundsystem.

The most tripping and mesmerizing piece on the release is the title track ‘Before One’. Resembling to the previous tracks of the release, ‘Before One’ picks the pace up a notch and removes most of the frills in comparsion to the A-side. Lot’s of focus on the melody and ambience, with small variations going on in the background to keep you peeled. A focus that comes to a climax with the ambient track ‘Init Two’, which is lifted from Klock’s debut album ‘One’.

Highly recommended release that sounds as 2009.

Review: Tadeo – Contacto

Label: Net28
Catalog#: NET28CD2 / NET2802

1. Virgo
2. Eclipse
3. Titán
4. Transmisión
5. Heliopausa
6. M31 Andromeda
7. Orión
8. Captación
9. Reflection Nebula 056N
10. Júpiter
11. Zona de fluctuación en el espacio-tiempo
12. Metro

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‘Contacto’ is Tadeo’s debut album, which is filled with his minimalistic, clear and sharp style of techno. The spanish sound of Alex Under, Tadeo and Damían Schwartz is distributed by their collaborate company Net28, which now is the parent label of their own respective labels.

While Alex Under enjoys farming tools and bicycles, space and circular variations seem to be a favorite theme of Tadeo’s, which between January and December 2007 made a bunch of tracks with the space theme, that now gets released on ‘Contacto’.

A few of these tracks saw their way onto Apnea as the acclaimed ‘Cosmos’ 12″, which later on got remixed by both Cassy and Substance. Together they are two of 2007 best releases.

I had built up a good ol’ hype for Tadeo’s ‘Contacto’, since I really enjoyed his recent material very much. But after giving it a thourough listen through, I feel that even though he seems to have worked a lot on these tracks, they lack large amounts of depth and energy. Yes, he makes reduced techno tracks that are supposed to be a bit more unbarked, but they sound too narrowed down. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an excellent producer that delivers his own sound in a consistent way.

‘Virgo’ starts things off by introducing a steady and pulsating beat, with lots of transformation and space-exploration in the foreground, keeping things on a line between reduction, extention and extreme duration. Maybe I don’t “get it”, but as far as variation goes, all tracks from the beginning until ‘Captación’ seem to be variations of a theme that got stuck on ‘Virgo’ – but, ‘Captación’ and the tracks thereafter are really top notch. ‘Reflection Nebula 056N’ is an anthem that really captures the essence of Tadeo’s skill and emotion, full with pulsating energy and signature sounds which is transformed into a more experimental state over the remaining tracks.

‘Contacto’ should’ve been more diverse and powerful, as Tadeo has showed numerous times that he is capable of that.

My favorite tracks:

M31 Andromeda


Reflection Nebula 056N

Review: The Village Orchestra – The Dark Is Rising

Label: Stuffrecords
Catalog#: stuff006

A1: Dwyer

A2: Dwyer Bonus Beats

B1: Afanc – 2562 Refix

B2: Tober

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Fresh out of the camp this one, with a sound that can be best described as sample based hardcore with the techniques of dubstep, ranging from techno attitude to reduced electronica.

The ‘Dwyer’ tracks on the A-side are wild and unstructured in a good way, making things funky while maintaining a perfect blend of samples and sound architecture. With the ‘Bonus Beats’, things are getting more straight forward and more floor friendly.

On the flip there’s a refix from The Hauge’s finest 2562, kicking things down a notch and revealing a more suble side of the record. Slow paced percussion combined with a sleeping and droning pad behind the scenes, comfortly introducing the classic 2562 stabs and appearing as glue in the entire structure of the track.

The last track ‘Tober’ is a darker number that sounds very inspired by the Chain Reaction crew, but paying hommage to the previous tracks style. Emerging energy right from the start with well perceived melodic structure and ambience, flowing through until a Detroit-infected synthline comes in to spark things up – really nice work here.

Thanks to Richard over at Stuffrecords for the record!

News: 24th January 2009

Thank you for all the comments and feedback, I really appreciate it and I read them all! Makes you know in what direction to take things.

A interview is coming up as well as the last part of ‘The Best of 2008’, together with a review of Kurbits Records first release and some other ones as well.

Hang in there,