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Chart: July 2010

Review: Skudge – Remixes 1

Label: Skudge Records
Catalog#: SKUDGE001R


A: Convolution – Aardvarck Remix

B: Overture – Jared Wilson’s Cass Corridor Treatment

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Skudge’s first remix release takes their own sound into the hands of others, creating a new atmosphere fused in with their attitude and sound.

Aardvarck brings ‘Convolution’ into a swirling groove, where his Bloom-label together with his other work stamps its well-known elements onto it. Here, a more stepping and different attitude takes place, with a dread soundscape and a beat that makes you fall right down the hole.

The strength of ‘Remixes 1’ comes into its right with Jared Wilson’s take on ‘Overture’. Where his attitude towards the music keeps on being uncompromising, the remix result is very true. Maintaining the beat structure through traditional machinery, rather than going through each element of the original, he somewhat interprets the original’s sound to create this unique and haunting piece.

With this being the first remix output on Skudge Records, sounding this good, the follow ups will hopefully keep the pace.