Review: Tadeo – Contacto

Label: Net28
Catalog#: NET28CD2 / NET2802

1. Virgo
2. Eclipse
3. Titán
4. Transmisión
5. Heliopausa
6. M31 Andromeda
7. Orión
8. Captación
9. Reflection Nebula 056N
10. Júpiter
11. Zona de fluctuación en el espacio-tiempo
12. Metro

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‘Contacto’ is Tadeo’s debut album, which is filled with his minimalistic, clear and sharp style of techno. The spanish sound of Alex Under, Tadeo and Damían Schwartz is distributed by their collaborate company Net28, which now is the parent label of their own respective labels.

While Alex Under enjoys farming tools and bicycles, space and circular variations seem to be a favorite theme of Tadeo’s, which between January and December 2007 made a bunch of tracks with the space theme, that now gets released on ‘Contacto’.

A few of these tracks saw their way onto Apnea as the acclaimed ‘Cosmos’ 12″, which later on got remixed by both Cassy and Substance. Together they are two of 2007 best releases.

I had built up a good ol’ hype for Tadeo’s ‘Contacto’, since I really enjoyed his recent material very much. But after giving it a thourough listen through, I feel that even though he seems to have worked a lot on these tracks, they lack large amounts of depth and energy. Yes, he makes reduced techno tracks that are supposed to be a bit more unbarked, but they sound too narrowed down. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an excellent producer that delivers his own sound in a consistent way.

‘Virgo’ starts things off by introducing a steady and pulsating beat, with lots of transformation and space-exploration in the foreground, keeping things on a line between reduction, extention and extreme duration. Maybe I don’t “get it”, but as far as variation goes, all tracks from the beginning until ‘Captación’ seem to be variations of a theme that got stuck on ‘Virgo’ – but, ‘Captación’ and the tracks thereafter are really top notch. ‘Reflection Nebula 056N’ is an anthem that really captures the essence of Tadeo’s skill and emotion, full with pulsating energy and signature sounds which is transformed into a more experimental state over the remaining tracks.

‘Contacto’ should’ve been more diverse and powerful, as Tadeo has showed numerous times that he is capable of that.

My favorite tracks:

M31 Andromeda


Reflection Nebula 056N

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