Review: Various Artists – Round Black Ghosts 2

Label: ~scape
Catalog#: ~scape57

1. Peverelist & Appleblim – Circling
2. TRG – Ghetto Romance
3. Zed Bias – The Cauldron – Instrumental
4. Scuba – Bleach
5. Pole – Alles Gute
6. Martyn – Vancouver
7. Ramadanman – Blimey
8. Untold – Yukon
9. Kode 9 vs. Badawi – Den Of Drumz
10. Martyn – Natural Selection – Flying Lotus’ Cleanse Mix
11. Kontext – Blinkende Stjerne

In the early summer of 2008, ~scape released the first ‘Round Black Ghosts’. A compilation of very present dubstep and on-the-edge-of electronica / IDM tunes. In February it’s time for the second installment, with a few unreleased tracks as well as previously embraced material.

Starting off with ‘Circling’, a track that’s been on several releases already, a sense of repetance of the last few months appears. The first ‘Round Black Ghosts’ was so groundbreaking compared to this one.

Looking at the tracklist, it gives hope of strong tracks from various outputs and geographical locations (although they are relatively close to each other) – stripped down dubstep material with urban expression. A correct view would be to define this release a bit more settled in than the first one. Lot’s of the experimental side of the previous CD have been lost or maybe it’s because I now know more about the dubstep sound?

Well, there is a very good sense of ~scape’s ability to summarize a lot of extreme quality dubstep, although the effort here seems a bit less fun.

Putting this CD in the hands of a person that doesn’t know so much about dubstep or hasn’t heard so much of it would be a brilliant idea. Every artist is a heavy piece in the scene, with a wide range styles and emotion, this would be a great way to introduce somebody to the music.

My favorite tracks:

Scuba – Bleach

Martyn – Vancouver

Untold – Yukon

Kode 9 vs. Badawi – Den of Drums

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