Review: Ancient Methods – Third Method

Label: Ancient Methods
Catalog#: AM-03

A1: Else – Ugandan Methods Mix

A2: Else – Radio Edit

B1: White Flames

B2: Burning – Reprise

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I was at Hard Wax last weekend. Just as I was ready to pay for the tracks I’d checked out a few crates of vinyls came in. They played one on the store sound system and I wondered if it was a new Ancient Methods. Luckily I was right – after 10 minutes I had a copy in my hands!

One of the heaviest and dirtiest labels out there is Ancient Methods. Their releases are fierce industrial techno, with attitude resembling to British Murder Boys. In fact, Else – Ugandan Methods Mix is co-produced with Regis.

The previous two releases sounds more experimental than this one, which has a more technoid approach to it. This one feels more melancholic and emotional than AM-01 and AM-02, which is a pleasant surprise rather than the contrary. As for the production, it’s out of this world. Strange sounds and great use of distortion adds to the energy and makes it more powerful – one of the Hard Wax guys called it a classic record as soon as the first track was put on.

The B-sides are a bit more funky and has a less mystical vibe to them, built around a broken beat and a steady rhythm, the mechanical noises and structures makes them one of this years most impressive productions.

1 Response to “Review: Ancient Methods – Third Method”

  1. 1 Steve January 22, 2009 at 21:59

    Cool release. FYI, the first sample does not work.

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