Review: Ben Klock – Before One EP


Label: Ostgut Tonträger
Catalog#: o-ton19

A1: Napoleon Hill

A2: Subzero

B1: Before One

B2: Init Two

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One of the most inspiring releases this year comes from Ostgut and Ben Klock. It’s haunting and mesmerizing sound captures what the most interesting techno of today stands for.

Ben Klock has recently put out a lot of his own material together with a few remixes, but the ‘Before One EP’ is definitely the best one.

Starting off with ‘Napoleon Hill’, a track with a vibrated synthline and 0 degrees pads swirling in the background, combined with Klock’s remarkable beats and sounds, senses that he has established a new direction in his own sound – a direction that feels a lot more inspiring and confident.

‘Subzero’ on the A2 is drenched in oil and howling beats, a rolling bassline with brush stroke-percussion and ambience, filling the excellent synthline with more depth and darkness. Unbelieveable power that only does justice on a well invested soundsystem.

The most tripping and mesmerizing piece on the release is the title track ‘Before One’. Resembling to the previous tracks of the release, ‘Before One’ picks the pace up a notch and removes most of the frills in comparsion to the A-side. Lot’s of focus on the melody and ambience, with small variations going on in the background to keep you peeled. A focus that comes to a climax with the ambient track ‘Init Two’, which is lifted from Klock’s debut album ‘One’.

Highly recommended release that sounds as 2009.

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