Review: STP – The Fall Remixes

Label: Subsolo
Catalog#: sub04

A: T++ Remix

B: Peverelist Remix

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T++ and Peverelist are key producers of the music I like, they always push things into what seems limitless directions, throwing in so much energy in the productions that it’s unbelieveable.

Here they remix Shed’s first release on the Subsolo label, that under the moniker of STP got released two years ago, which of course is one of my favorite tracks. The T++ remix is a heavy weight monster that fills the sound spectrum with industrial distortion and noise, combined with broken and delayed snares and percussion, fitted together with a hardcore-ish bassline and subtle synth variations that comes in from every direction. Weird sound structure that blasts it’s way into the heart of sound from 2009.

Peverelist expands the sorrow in the original track, filling it with a electric and excentric synthline, that adapts to the wall of sound and takes the track into a whole new level. Panned out and spacious percussion and improvised-like noises remains close to the bassline that lies at a more subtle state in comparsion to the A-side. The focus is instead on the melody, that as well as the original is a class of it’s own with it’s ever-growing state and no compromise techno-fuel, brings in a sense of what to expect from the promised combination of Shed and Peverelist.

Excellent release, you need to get this!

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