Review: The Village Orchestra – The Dark Is Rising

Label: Stuffrecords
Catalog#: stuff006

A1: Dwyer

A2: Dwyer Bonus Beats

B1: Afanc – 2562 Refix

B2: Tober

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Fresh out of the camp this one, with a sound that can be best described as sample based hardcore with the techniques of dubstep, ranging from techno attitude to reduced electronica.

The ‘Dwyer’ tracks on the A-side are wild and unstructured in a good way, making things funky while maintaining a perfect blend of samples and sound architecture. With the ‘Bonus Beats’, things are getting more straight forward and more floor friendly.

On the flip there’s a refix from The Hauge’s finest 2562, kicking things down a notch and revealing a more suble side of the record. Slow paced percussion combined with a sleeping and droning pad behind the scenes, comfortly introducing the classic 2562 stabs and appearing as glue in the entire structure of the track.

The last track ‘Tober’ is a darker number that sounds very inspired by the Chain Reaction crew, but paying hommage to the previous tracks style. Emerging energy right from the start with well perceived melodic structure and ambience, flowing through until a Detroit-infected synthline comes in to spark things up – really nice work here.

Thanks to Richard over at Stuffrecords for the record!

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