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Review: Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo

Label: Hotflush Recordings
Catalog#: HFT 009


A: Hyph Mngo

B: Wet Look

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After Braiden played ‘Hyph Mngo’ at COLONY the same time I was there, I was really close to ask him “which track was that”.

A track that did not only felt great that night, but also felt like a new context in an old pattern, taking the anthem aspects of tracks such as ‘Nesrib’ by SIS or similar releases and putting them into the UK funky and dubstep current state. One question that might come up is if it has the longetivity of more subtle tracks that focus less on elements surrounding the beat structure, or if it will remain while those said subtle tracks will be forgotten. Nonetheless, a track of this caliber is always unexpected; it’s always appreciated.

‘Hyph Mngo’ feels like a really great house track, one of those that every time it comes on, you can’t stand or sit still – a definition of a classic. I won’t be surprised if it gets played by almost everyone that “dares” to shift up to British tempo, on the other hand, the international emotional content of the track makes it suitable for almost any venue or situation.

The focus shifts through the duration of the track; the energy is maintained throughout, but goes from melody to melody and getting acompanied by the chopped up vocal. The beat structure keeps the funk intact, being held up by traditional deep and heavy bass breaking through the 4/4 bars.

A track that will probably stand out for the rest of the year, if not for even longer.

With the anthem potential of the A-side, ‘Wet Look’ on the B-side cools things off in an excellent way. Fitting perfectly to the records atmosphere, Joy Orbison pushes the beat advancements even further by shifting the focus from a distinct bassline and precise melodies to more complex rhythms. The melody goes from one to the next, being maintained by stabbing yet reduced sounds that fills in the vocal in an excellent way. ‘Wet Look’ feels even more current than ‘Hyph Mngo’, which is both daring and at the same time exciting.

Review: Unknown – Seldom Felt 6

Label: Seldom Felt
Catalog#: SELDOM FELT 6


A: Untitled

B: Untitled

Leaning towards futuristic but yet at the same time experimental techno, Seldom Felt are moving all over the different categories and styles – but they always remain as a trusted high quality label.

Going from stripped down and energetic timeless techno, they’ve pushed the boundaries of the sound into many directions, keeping that special sound they’ve had for the span of now 6 releases. This time, it seems as very classic tracks such as ‘Camargue’ and the following energy was the inspiration – at least sound wise.

Not knowing who is behind the production, the person behind the tracks surely knows their way and style, keeping the intensity growing for the entire record – until you realize that the energy was always constant and not heading towards any climax.

The sound is very 8 AM open air with a lot of love and pureness, something I hope Seldom Felt will aim towards even more.

Noah Gibson @ COLONY

“Second up is Sweden’s Noah Gibson, a DJ/promoter/blogger who’s activities for Stockholm’s shady Office collective have put purist underground clubbing firmly on the city’s map. He’s played alongside the likes of Shed, Marcel Dettmann and Cio D’Or, and will be delivering a typically thumping selection of raw, stripped back techno for the occasion.”

Review: Planetary Assault Systems – Temporary Suspension

Label: Ostgut Tonträger


A1: X Speaks To X
B1: Whoodoo
B2: Attack Of The Mutant Camels
C1: Om The Def
D1: The Watcher
D2: Open Up


When I first heard the ‘Kat / Haiku’ release on Mote-Evolver, I knew that Planetary Assault Systems was someone I could count on. As the dusty old tape starts rolling on the vinyl, in the moment when the first bar of ‘Kat’ comes in, you know it will be one of those tracks you’ll always love.

Hearing the ‘Temporary Suspension EP’ on Ostgut brought out the same feeling as ‘Kat’ does. Not only does the ‘Temporary Suspension EP’ showcase the sound of PAS in a very good way, it also has two very different tracks that comes together in a great way – a way that was lost a long time ago. The persistant and alien progression on the track ‘Temporary Suspension’ keeps things going in the right direction all the time, especially when it gets mixed in with other tracks, it just stands on it’s own in it’s own way. With ‘Mark Me’, a stomping and mechanical groove with yet so much soul releases the energy of PAS in a unexpected but yet somewhere expected way.

I was surprised that both tracks from the EP earlier this year, does not feature on the album release. Also, the CD comes in a mixed version, mixed together live by Luke Slater himself. Luckily enough, the album is co-released as an LP version too. As the CD contains 10 tracks, the LP release has 6 tracks. One thing that is very unfortunate, is that the LP version does not include the four best tracks from the CD. This review is on the LP version.

When I first heard the news about a PAS album on Ostgut, I was equally chocked as well as happy. I was a bit stunned that Ostgut had taken such a rough direction in it’s sound, as well as happy because I knew that it would be a quality release.

Starting off with ‘X Speaks To X’ on the A side, PAS displays the new approach that combines his previous material as far back as 15 years. The sound he introduced then is leaning more towards an industrial approach. Although a lot of style from that era is put in ‘X Speaks To X’, he also displays the recent evolvements within techno and approaches them as well. The pumping groove from the 90’s is changed into a calmer but also stripped patterns of the persistant energy he’s always shown.

The same energy is transformed into something that sounds more Berghain and Ostgut, with the exceptional and fantastic ‘Whoodoo’. The distorted sounds on top of everything else reminds me a bit of ‘Surface Noise’, but keeps things in a more upfront attitude. Machine-like patterns get ripped up with blut tools, distorted alien fields of white noise combines the oldschool but not oldschool sounds – a track for 2009 with absolute hommage to the past.

Modern acidic energy combines the energy from the previous two tracks, wich brings out yet another side of Planetary Assault Systems sound. ‘Attack Of The Mutant Camels’ is just as strange as it’s title, kicking drums combined with a strange synth, gets accompanied with a lash clap as well as different percussional experiments. A twisted and somewhat subtle acid line fills the tracks progress and makes it into a real club destroyer.

On the second vinyl, ‘Om The Def’ keeps things much calmer, in a good way. Brewing echoed sounds combined with very aware drum programming brings out the most alien side of Planetary Assault Systems. The live and direct feel of the track gets even more obvious as the shape of the track transforms all together for some time, and then goes back to its original state.

‘The Watcher’ is the most reduced track on the LP release, with very subtle build-ups and extremely atmospheric sounds. Haunting state combined with essential techno percussions and slow but yet very active strings brings out a very mesmerizing side of the PAS sound – which bends into very unpredictable and soothing directions.

The classic sound is still there though, when ‘Open Up’ comes in, you clearly hear all the influences 15 years of production brings. A track that does not only feel spacious and timeless, it also has the sense of early Axis and Jeff Mills releases but put together in a British and european style.

My favorite tracks:


Sticker Men (CD)

Enter Action (CD)

Hold It (CD)

Review: Unknown – Seldom Felt 5

Label: Seldom Felt
Catalog#: SELDOM FELT 005

A1: Untitled

A2: Untitled

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Seldom Felt seems to always be able to bring something new and fresh, especially since they always tend to get themselves out of that locked groove.

This piece consists of two versions of a very weird disco, house or techno track that reminds me a fraction of Soundstream’s later work. Although this is a bit faster but also has a different vibe. The A1 is more oriented to a less structured and distorted field, while the A2 has a classical stream of synths and that stabbing electro-ish synth jacking in the background.

I can’t decide if I like it or not, but it’s very different and has a weird sound to it – that’s always a start!

Review: Claro Intelecto – Warehouse Sessions

Label: Modern Love
Catalog#: Love052cd

1. Thieves
2. New Dawn
3. Trial And Error
4. Signals
5. X
6. Only Yesterday
7. Instinct
8. Post
9. Hunt You Down
10. Momento
11. W6

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Raw and heavy warehouse sessions, forged by Modern Love’s Claro Intelecto.

From the first track you get thrown into the reduced and energetic sound that feels rough with a minimalistic edge. The sound transforms into different styles, ranging down to the deepest dub flowing and jacking techno to timeless structures from the 90’s, making a persistent effort to keep you focused.

It’s hard to define Claro Intelectos sound. It varies a lot and always keeps an experimental edge to it that flow through all frequencies and percussion. A certain remark is that he clearly shows that he is capable of delivering good material, with both frequent releasing and maintaining a high standard in the productions. Every track keeps a slow pace with horizontal energy and progression, which makes sense in the right context.

My favorite tracks:

New Dawn


Hunt You Down


Review: Unknown – Seldom Felt 3


Label: Seldom Felt
Catalog#: SELDOM FELT 003

A: Tarpuntine Sun

B: Face Value

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Some people care a lot about the things surrounding techno, such as artwork, good clubs, being famous, playing the latest records and being credible etc.

There are also a few people left who only, and I mean only, care about the music. There is nothing that can take away the attention, the energy or the vibe from them.

Some might say that releasing white label records with no information other than a label and catalog number might be some sort of marketing trick, that adds to the mystique and discussion rather than making an effort to marketing it the old fashioned way.

I’d like to think that Seldom Felt is making a honest effort in releasing music with no regard to anything other than whats pressed on the wax, just timeless techno. The first two releases were extremely good, featuring different styles and attitude mixed with lot’s of love.

The third piece here is the one with a more old-school sound, where ‘Terputine Sun’ is a reduced and subtle straight groover and ‘Face Value’ adds up to the energy with it’s raw acidic structure and melody. Both tracks are steadily growing and have different values to them.

Don’t sleep.

Review: Pangaea – You & I

Label: Hessle Audio
Catalog#: HES006


A: You & I

B: Router

Rating: 5/5


Every new Hessle Audio release is very interesting because the label always maintains a high standard. Every release seems thoughtful and powerful.

‘You & I’ has a deep and haunting vocal over a dubstepXtechno beat. The sound is very direct and extremely danceable, which together with the vocal reminds me of Burial’s ‘Untrue’ album (essential purchase by the way). The bassline keeps you hypnotized together with the excellent percussion that is so tight that your feet will never forgive you.

‘Router’ has a faster wall of sound that focuses around a synth stab which gives the track a very tough image. Small changes in the sounds will keep you sharp while the track progresses. The closest reference must be Peverelist and Martyn making a track together.

Essential release!

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