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Review: Various – Fantastic 4 EP

Label: Not on label
Catalog#: FF001


A1: D-Malice – Full Effect

A2: DVA – God Made Me Phunky

B1: Ill Blu – Time To Get Nasty

B2: Roska – Holograph

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With all the new styles going on in the UK, four of the most forward pushing producers are on the same vinyl. This collaborative EP sums up what is usually referred to as UK funky. Drawing a lot of inspiration from dubstep and house, all four tracks manage to create something entirely new, adding to the wide spectrum of various genres and styles within EDM – especially within dubstep.

The strong parts of all tracks are the depth and punching percussion and drums that make up for the sometimes cheesy vocals and attitudes. As well as being cheesy, they are also cheerful and plays nice alongside a lot of current dubstep tracks.

D-Malice’s track ‘Full Effect’ resembles the most to Chicago house, putting the dub aspects a little bit in the background. The clever use of simple percussion and rhythms is a genious move, going back to the limited hard ware era of early 80’s and 90’s, which with such limitations makes the track breath between every element. A effect that is more often forgotten than used. Soca influences combined with dubstep atmospheres and modern technology frames in DVA’s ‘God Made Me Phunky’, a track that explodes intensity and a bit of playfulness, going strong on traditional soca and dub.

Ill Blu’s ‘Time To Get Nasty’ could just as well be a standard R&B track, but the amount of reminiscent of hardcore and jungle shines through too much and makes it into something quite unique, without losing touch with it’s influences. The same goes for Roska’s ‘Holograph’, sounding instantly as a track from the same producer that gave us a quite long stream of white label’s this year, as well as equally funky and funny tracks on his own Roska Kicks & Snares.

This is a hate or like record, I hope it grows on most of you, so give it a shot!

Chart: June/Early July 2009

1. Moderat – Rusty Nails – Shackleton Remix / 50 Weapons

2. DJ Rush – This Is My Life & This Is How I Feel / Cosmic

3. St. Propre – Properlove / Raw Meat Records Inc.

4. Levon Vincent – The Medium Is The Message / Novel Sound

5. Untold – Just For You – Roska Remix / Hotflush

6. Moderat – Rusty Nails – T++ Remix / 50 Weapons

7. Newworldaquarium – Trespassers – 541 Dub / NWAQ

8. AU – Truth / General Elektro

9. Peverelist – Junktion – Shed Remix / Tectonic

10. Dustin Zahn – Stranger (To Stability) – Len Faki’s X-Break Mix / Rekids