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Review: A Guy Called Gerald – Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions

Label: Laboratory Instinct
Catalog#: LI017CD


01. People Moover
02. Nuvo Alfa
03. Flutter
04. Iland
05. Just Soul
06. The Dip
07. Round Eco
08. Dirty Trix
09. Wow Yheah
10. Indi Vibe
11. Pacific Samba
12. Conclusion F min Blue
13. Merfed

As the album title states, this latest output from A Guy Called Gerald fills up the more intellectual spectrum – a true spirit and a refreshing and original take on techno and surrounding sounds.

The most inspiring factor of this release, is that while maintaining an original sound, Gerald manages to shine through with the inspiration and energy that in common practice is more or less absent in straight up CD releases. Where a musical taste lifts every track into a new level, Gerald displays a knowledge not only sonically bound, but also knowing his way around the equipment he uses in a very solid way – the result is a combination of both perception and craftsmanship.

The mysterious and labyrinth-sense of every track makes it feel diverse and fun – rather than a straight up proper techno LP, which would seem only a bit strange if that was the case, Tronic Jazz feels strongly related to old tradition and style within the genre, rather than current explorations.

‘Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions’ is due in early May.

Thanks to Jonas at EPM for this release.

My favorite tracks:

Dirty Trix

Round Eco