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Review: Dave Clarke – Fabric 60

Label: Fabric
Catalog#: fabric119


01. Raudive – Shiver
02. Crotaphytus – Cnemidophorus Sexlineatus – The Mr. Pauli Monster Bass Guitar Remix
03. Tommy Four Seven – Armed 3
04. Marc Romboy vs. Paris The Black Fu – Dark N Lovely – Kenny Larkin Remix
05. Ray 7 & Malik Alston – I.D.F.D.F.I.
06. Cristiano Balducci – Pride
07. Cute Heels – Silence Complot
08. Stephane Signore – Sacrifice – Radical G 2k11 Edit
09. Gesaffelstein – Aufstand
10. Scape One – Time Falls – Dynarec Remix
11. Exzakt – Clarity – Lethal Agent Remix
12. Sync 24 – We Rock Non-Stop – Heuristic Audio Remix
13. Heliopause – Destination Planet Earth
14. Dez Williams – Foreign Object
15. Clatterbox – Coolicon
16. w1b0 – Alternate Sequence
17. Baz Reznik – The Attic

Always going in his own way, Dave Clarke brings a very specific aesthetic into his productions. Leaning to a very “hands on, boots strapped tight”-sound, Clarke gives his this mix his own style and taste maximum headspace.

There is a pursuit of an industrial sound, where Clarke gets deep into a spectrum of repetition and a “dirty” sound. To tread carefully here is vital for not making the mix feel meretricious but rather honest. The first problem with ‘fabric 60’ is shown here. Clarke manages to showcase himself in an excellent way, keeping the mix interesting in moments, but the tracks he has chosen doesn’t feel as gritty, noisy and expressive as his older mixes, and foremost productions.

Keeping the mix soudwise submerged and “deep”, Clarke also manages to keep the lights and cold air style intact—a balancing act between deep beneath and high above, a mixture of two complete opposites. It’s also here where Dave Clarke shines on ‘fabric 60’—but in the long run, it’s simply not enough to keep it all together.

The mix starts off in a organic type of way, where chrystal clear sounds and actually a bit shallow track selection takes place. The problem with this type of opening is the clear resemblance and tedious debate over digital and vinyl dj’s; ‘fabric 60’ is a testament of the rock solid track arrangement and static transitions which occours when two tracks are mixed in absolute perfection. The difference is that no matter what format a dj chooses, it’s always more interesting to hear trasitions that communicates a “in the now”-sense, where everything falls into place and elevates the dancefloor.

Dave Clarke manages to go through a lot of tracks that sounds hand picked for this mix, which saddenly resemble each other in a way that doesn’t give any space. Imagine a air locked chamber, where everything is all good but you would really love to get some air.

Although ‘fabric 60’ isn’t Clarke’s finest moment, he has a style that is personal, tasteful and carefully developed in a way that stands out.