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Review: Unknown – Seldom Felt 6

Label: Seldom Felt
Catalog#: SELDOM FELT 6


A: Untitled

B: Untitled

Leaning towards futuristic but yet at the same time experimental techno, Seldom Felt are moving all over the different categories and styles – but they always remain as a trusted high quality label.

Going from stripped down and energetic timeless techno, they’ve pushed the boundaries of the sound into many directions, keeping that special sound they’ve had for the span of now 6 releases. This time, it seems as very classic tracks such as ‘Camargue’ and the following energy was the inspiration – at least sound wise.

Not knowing who is behind the production, the person behind the tracks surely knows their way and style, keeping the intensity growing for the entire record – until you realize that the energy was always constant and not heading towards any climax.

The sound is very 8 AM open air with a lot of love and pureness, something I hope Seldom Felt will aim towards even more.