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Review: Martyn – Ghost People

Label: Brainfeeder
Catalog#: BF025


A1: Love And Machines (ft. Spaceape)
A2: Viper
A3: Masks
B1: Distortions
B2: Popgun
B3: I Saw You At Tule Lake
C1: Ghost People
C2: Twice As
C3: Bauplan
D1: Horror Vacui
D2: We Are You In The Future

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You know when an album has that cinematic feeling that seems to endlessly paint pictures in your head? Martyn’s ‘Ghost People’ might be the blockbuster when it comes to that scenario.

Martyn’s signature is all over this record, even more so than on ‘Great Lengths’ from 2009. Being a producer with such eclectic influences and having such a character sound wise, one of the real accomplishments with ‘Ghost People’ is that Martyn has managed to package it all onto two LPs.

Starting off in a futuristic (an ironically present sound), the intro is one of the perfect examples of how Martyn has grown into knowing how to find the perfect grooves and building structures. A mixture of both cinematic scenery as well as tracks closer to the dance floor, ‘Ghost People’ is interesting in that sense, where two different atmospheres meet and creates a personal space.

The highlights is when Martyn freaks out a little bit, such as the intro or the last track, where it seems as if a clear vision has been recorded under a live take—something that probably will boost his live sets that he’s just begun with.

As a second album, Martyn has done a great job to keep it personal and more in a story-telling direction, something that leans more to a one way dialogue from Martyn—in a sense something that has previously been lacking due to experimenting with styles and so on.

My favorite tracks:

Love And Machines (ft. The Spaceape)

We Are You In The Future