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Review: WAX – Dub Shed Sessions I

Label: SubSolo
Catalog#: sub005


A: Dub Shed – STP Remix

B: 10001B – Panamax Mix


Displaying his excellent production skills within techno, Shed moves over to straight up dub sessions with the ‘Dub Shed Sessions I’ on SubSolo.

Fierce bass meditative drops circles around the excellent atmospheric keyboard patterns, combined in a way that sounds both fresh and unique, but still rating 100% on Shed’s own trademark sound. Leaning towards a bit of contemporary straight dub techno with ‘Dub Shed – STP Remix’, the focus is on a more direct and present take on the tracks progression, rather than inviting the listener into an already set-up wall of sound. Shaking off the melody from the centre, the spacious patterns reveal themselves as the extreme basslines comes in, removing all doubt about the direction of the track.

Taking the very straight up techno track from ‘WAX No. 10001’ B side, Shed displays yet another moniker(?) as Panamax, fusing the same linear groove from the original but taking the tempo down to inhumane tempo and filling the already colourful spectrum with wide percussion and even more slow building electric synthesizer swirls.

Time might tell how well this record works, but at the first listen, it’s something that feels a bit strange coming from Shed (yet, at the same time not).

I wish I lived in the UK…



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