Review: Prosumer – Panorama Bar 03

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: OSTGUTCD17


01. Steffi – Sadness
02. DJ Duke – Heard
03. Hunee – A Leaf For Hand In Hand
04. Soundso – Untitled
05. Theo Parrish – Twin Cities
06. Morgan Geist – Current
07. Romanthony – The House O’ God
08. Circulation – Sincerely (Creation Mix)
09. Lil Silva – Pulse vs. Flex
10. Soundstore – Take U
11. J.T. Melody presents Tina René – Prove It (Instrumental)
12. Fingers Inc – Music Take Me Up
13. Oracy – Bass Mood
14. i – L.T.B.C.Y.B.
15. T.S.O.S – Over And Over
16. Servo Unique – Let’s Swing It
17. QX-1 – Love Injection (Inject Me Love Mixx)

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Putting the discussion about “how important mix CDs are today when podcasts are around” or similar aside, and simply enjoying being in the hands of one of the most competent and no-nonsense house dj’s around, you surely not only forget useless debates over this and that, but you also sink into a area without time and only space.

Leaving the controls perfectly balanced on the mixer to leave maximum headroom is a technique that has been around for ages, but when it comes to creating headroom through music—that’s a different story.

I remember once when Prosumer was letting ‘DJ Boom – Kinda’ Kickin’ go, doing something very strange as lowering the pitch into unbearable slowness. For a afternoon with sunlight going through the shutters, myself and the fellow dancers got lost for a moment. For myself and probably other people as well, these moments are rarely there, but when they are, it’s something you remember forever.

When it comes to ‘Panorama Bar 03’, the sound of the bar is not where the emphasis is put. Interestingly though, Prosumer has captured a moment in his sound where it blends perfectly by the high standards of his residency, as well as releasing a personal document in time, not far away from the legendary ‘Berghain 02’ that came three years ago.

The mix starts off with Steffi’s best track to date, continuing down a long stream of classics that is either a little bit forgotten or previously unexplored. Theme-wise, it’s hard to pinpoint the ups and downs in the mix, which is actually very refreshing. Hearing a few small pushes on the vinyl’s here and there actually brings more magic into the atmosphere, by sensing the sweat and hard work that shines through not only the track selection, but the composition as a whole.

For ‘Panorama Bar 03’, it’s certainly a mix you will carry with you for at least some time to come in a use-and-throw away culture.

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