Review: Soundstore / Steffi / Hunee – Panorama Bar 03 EP

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: o-ton46


A: Soundstore – Take U

B1: Steffi – Sadness

B2: Hunee – A Leaf for Hand in Hand

Straight from the combined forces of tracks from the ‘Panorama Bar 03’ mix CD due later this month, Ostgut Ton releases a sampler with three previously unreleased tracks. As with the previous mix CD’s from Ostgut, a lot can be said about the diversity that the label is displaying by getting this material out for other djs as well.

The difference this time though, is that it’s much harder to pin-point a common ground for the sampler, due to the diverse range of styles being put into it.

Soundstore’s ‘Take U’ strikes out in a traditional sound, based around a high energy mode and extravaganza, being balanced perfectly between what could be considered a “party” sound but keeping the depth of sound in check. A momentum track that goes straight for the gold—as well as a perfectly insane ending not suitable for any eardrum.

‘Sadness’ is a new track made by Steffi, who with her excellent and unique ‘Yours & Mine’ LP set her ambition soundwise, where ‘Sadness’ feels even more thought out and carefully crafted for the special moments. Especially the moments created by her residency, but Steffi manages to also transform that spirit into a track that carries a lot more weight than a specific place, which in return makes it stand out a lot and almost reaching out of the structures of a track-like sound.

The last track of the EP comes from Japan’s Hunee, who goes deep into the momentums and details, bringing in a fresh approach to the essential piano tune action. ‘A Leaf for Hand in Hand’ showcases a studied sound, with a perfect balance between the old and the new, making the atmosphere positive as well as pushing into territores of Prosumer’s dj style—something that explains a lot for Prosumer’s choice to feature Hunee’s track on the Panorama Bar 03 mix CD.

The EP is out soon, together with Panorama Bar 03.

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