Review: Mokira – Time Axis Manipulation (Parts 1—3)

Label: Kontra-Musik Records
Catalog#: km018.1—3



A: Time Track

B: Time Track (Silent Servant Remix)

Buy Part 1 here


A: Axis Audio

B: Axis Audio (Echospace Model I)

Buy Part 2 here


A: Manipulation Musik

B: Manipulation Musik (Redshape Tape Dub)

In three parts, released at different dates, Mokira digs into the atmosphere of dub techno rather than following the traiditonal structures, by processing the details ranging from very organic instruments to samples seemingly taken from erosion.

Even though Mokira manages to create atmospheres very similar to nature itself, the framework surrounding the sound structure feels more industrial or perhaps more mechanical than what would’ve seem more fitting—this approach to the sounds feels more fresh and interesting would it have been in any other way.

Keeping the music close to the origins from which it sonically seems to stem from, the remixes are more focused on bringing them into a much deeper and aged sound. Silent Servant’s remix on ‘Time Track’ goes through the Soundwell District architecture, with a cleaner, but at the same time deeper sound than the original. SS seems to have focused on creating a new vibe rather than expanding Mokira’s atmosphere with the original.

With ‘Axis Audio’ on the second part of three, Mokira expands his sound into a territory which feels nordic as a concept, but actually more rootless in context, where the sound floats more freely without going too far with the “experimental” touch. Nothing against experimenting, but losing to much of an atmosphere in pursuit of a extremely unique one could make the track lose focus and resulting in a lesser version—Mokira has carefully managed to balance on the edge of both, leaving ‘Axis Audio’ interesting, yet at the same time unique enough to keep the listener interested.

Echospace brings ‘Axis Audio’ into a more familiar territory, where a very suitable beat structure collects the fragments from the original, in order to push the track in a different direction.

The last part of the ‘Time Axis Manipulation’ releases, ‘Manipulation Musik’ goes into a very warm, almost summer like atmosphere, with organic textures and a floating ambience which combined, amazingly keeps it all together.

Redshape manages to bring ‘Manipulation Musik’ into a magic state, not reaching too far of his almost blue sound structure but at the same time digs into new territories without losing the mask.

Part 1 and Part 2 are out for sale, with Part 3 being out soon.

Thanks to Kontra-Musik and Ulf Eriksson for this release.

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