Review: Burial – Street Halo

Label: Hyperdub
Catalog#: HDB013


A: Street Halo


B2: Stolen Dog

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When a person has a special approach to music, the music itself will approach the listener in a special way. For Burial, this means creating tracks that goes deep into their own atmosphere, in a way where his, seemingly, humble personality constantly shines through even in the most wild moments of his tracks.

‘Street Halo’ is the first and main track, taking Burial’s traditional sound into a deeper and perhaps more up to date depth. It has an atmosphere that follows his excellent ‘Untrue’ LP four years back, but ‘Street Halo’ keeps it all in the right direction by a driven beat style that hasn’t been present in any of his previous work—except maybe the almost perfect ‘Versus’ on Planet Mu. The discomfort and melancholy traditionally found in Burial’s music is almost turned into anger, where ‘Street Halo’ feels more solid, rigid and emotionally outspoken in an organized way. This was a pleasant surprise, because following up ‘Untrue’ would’ve almost been impossible without taking a step back and then approach the music from a different direction.

For this three track EP, ‘NYC’ is the one that goes into a deconstructed territory, leaving room for more dirt and sound architectual twists and perhaps functions as a shelter for people loving Burial’s previous work. The depth of ‘NYC’ is incredible—huge effort has been put into it soundwise, where Burial takes his music above the atmosphere in pursuit of the unlocked, yet driving beat structure.

For ‘Stolen Dog’, a more low key attempt successfully keeps the atmosphere in an almost faded out state. Sparsly built structures functions as something concrete as Burial creates samples that goes through the beat in an dreamlike way.

‘Street Halo’ is out on the 28th of March.

2 Responses to “Review: Burial – Street Halo”

  1. 1 Alex (ArtMono) March 30, 2011 at 21:39

    great artist, great vision of nusic!!

  2. 2 Tunes June 14, 2011 at 14:35

    Just downloaded, truly brilliant. Seriously can’t wait for the next album he releases.

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