Review: Marcelus – EP2

Label: Deeply Rooted House
Catalog#: DRH034


A1: Sulfuric

A2: Shape

B1: Life Cycle

B2: Mutation

DJ Deep has showcased a interesting take on the split between old school but timeless house through his ‘City to City’ mix series on BBE, but at the same time establishing the sound of his label ‘Deeply Rooted House’, which in some way falls right in between his taste for more mature house music as well as a more reduced techno sense as well.

What is most interesting with ‘Deeply Rooted House’, is that it is a label that seems to work as a platform for people who create their own sound, but doesn’t lack the quality of more established artists—this is a good way to promote music and people who know what they are doing.

For Marcelus’ second EP, it is a record that starts off with a interesting and personal take on the acid, where Marcelus bends the sound to follow a steady beat which pulls things around into all the right directions.

‘Shape’ is a more subtle track, with its twisting and digging sound architecture goes into a territory similar to Klockworks earlier sound, as well as maintaining his own style to it.

On the B1, ‘Life Cycle’ takes the minimalism to a peak which feels more timeless than for ‘Shape’. It feels as if Marcelus had more focus on depth and originality here—two key factors that count well into the groove of this track and will make it stand out from the rest of the EP. The track goes even further into a state of hypnosis, where very few, but carefully crafted elements brings attention and demands a proper pace.

For the last track, ‘Mutation’ takes a more haunting but less subtle approach, yet not as wild as for ‘Sulfuric’. This track is the most experimental on the EP, but does feel a little misplaced, due to it’s direction and groove—which although displays a diversity in Marcelus’ sound, which in return gives the EP more functionality and will probably attract more attention.

The ‘EP2’ is due for release soon.

Thanks to DJ Deep and Deeply Rooted House for this release.

2 Responses to “Review: Marcelus – EP2”

  1. 1 Johan Hedström April 12, 2011 at 21:40

    Great review and EP, even though it’s hard to decide on a 1min snippet. But hey, buy it if you want it. Great site, bookmarked and looking forward to upcoming posts. Need any help? kontakta mig….

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