Review: Iori – Spaciotemporal / Grit (Skudge Remix)

Label: Phonica White


A: Spaciotemporal

B: Grit – Skudge Remix

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When it comes to spacious and dream-like arrangements and sounds, Japan’s Iori seems to be a future talent. Currently having a small output of three releases, he seems to be able to establish a sound that is deep but yet easy to get in to, in a positive sense.

Floating through small variations of the sonic landscape, Iori’s original of ‘Spaciotemporal’ feels a little empty due to the spacial nature of the track. Listening to it with that in mind, it’s easier to get into it as well as appreciate it, because all details and smaller shifts in sound becomes more impact.

What makes the record special though, is the fact that there’s two different versions of the same style. Skudge has remixed the ‘Grit’ track into a more rugged piece, removing the complexity of ‘Spaciotemporal’ which feels fresh and appreciative. Giving ‘Grit’ more punch and less dwelling, the pieces collected from Iori’s original is taken into a new place – which combines Skudge’s own established style and Iori’s soundscapes in a brilliant way.

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