Review: DJ Deep – City To City 3

Label: BBE
Catalog#: BBE119

1. Dee Dee Brave – Feel The Breeze (DJ Deep “Mix” Edit)
2. Kerri Chandler – Pong (Ben Klock Remix)
3. Redshape – The Box
4. Traxx – XTC 4 Luv
5. M+M – M+M Theme
6. Mutant Beat Dance – In a Daze (Original Dub)
7. Project Democracy – Is This Dream For Real
8. Glenn Underground – Escuchame
9. Kool Rock Steady – I’ll Make You Dance
10. Marcel Dettmann – Apron
11. K.A Possee – Tell Alexi
12. Gentry Ice – Utilize The Beat
13. Frozen Border – Frozen Border
14. The Minister – 2nd Try Of The 1st Step Into The 3rd Dimension
15. Chicago Music Syndrome – Work It
16. Armando – Don’t Take It (Thomos Edit)
17. Armando – We’re On The Move (Snare Your Ass Off)
18. Claro Intelecto – Signals

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Review of the digital mix version.

For a really long time, there hasn’t been a house mix that was released as a official release containing so many deadly tracks, being mixed so vibrant and actually making a lot of sense.

Even though there’s been a lot of diverse, fresh-sounding and bullet proof house mixes being released in the last few years, DJ Deep’s latest volume in his ‘City To City’ showcase does something other mixes doesn’t; making the pure feeling of the tracks really stands out in a very unique way.

Featuring both timeless classics, new classics as well some deep dug 12″s, ‘City To City 3’ features tracks that have their foundation based on real, rather than purism. This makes the mix special in the long run as well, by being diverse and showcasing the sound of DJ Deep’s preferred house tracks in a way that is thought out and well respected.

Starting off the mix as a bit of slow building and mood defining selection, DJ Deep keeps it all interesting by carefully selecting the following tracks until the feeling of him actually being able to play whatever he wants, without second doubt shining through.

If this mix wasn’t enough, thanks to DJ Deep’s compilation and crate digging skills, there’s been a new way to get hold of long lost tracks and hidden classics being served through a 2×12″ vinyl sampler and CD.

Be sure to check this mix out, as well as getting hold of the sample vinyls. The tracks are truly essential!

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