Review: Shed – The Traveller

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: OSTGUTCD14


1. STP 2
2. Keep Time
3. The Bot
4. Atmo – Action
5. 44A (Hard Wax forever!)
6. …Can’t Feel It.
7. Mayday
8. No Way!
10. My R-Class
11. Final Experiment
12. The Traveller
13. Hello Bleep!
14. Leave Things


Review of the CD version.

Head strong and confident, Shed delivers an album that is far more atmospheric and abstract than his previous work. Even though there has been a big turn in the actual output, the constant feeling of energy has gotten more room from ‘Shedding The Past’, and fills ‘The Traveller’ album up with a lot of inspiration and thought. As told by himself previously, Shed tries to “go back” to his own roots when making these tracks, drawing inspiration without nostalgia from that time.

An important aspect of this album, is the fact that it’s not so much of a “techno album” in a generalized sense, but rather a formula that delivers its emotions in a very advanced way. Combined with the melodies that differ a lot from each other, Shed delivers also advanced beats and structured patterns – something that has also been taken into a new level. Cravling and constant developing excursions are present on the more ambient pieces, reaching highlight with ‘Leave Things’ as well as the important ‘The Bot’ and equally heavy ‘Keep Time’ made to put the emphasis on the beats.

With the broad spectrum of styles and tastes, it’s hard to pin down the favorites. There are always a special moment in every track, there’s always details or shifts in the music to look out for, something Shed has managed to make the listener abide to.

‘The Traveller’ will be released on August 30th.

My favorite tracks:

Leave Things

Atmo – Action

44A (Hard Wax Forever!)

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