Review: Ben Klock – Berghain 04

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: OSTGUTCD13


1. 154 – Apricot
2. DVS1 – Pressure
3. Junior Boys – Work – Marcel Dettmann Remix
4. Martyn – Miniluv
5. STL – Loop 04
6. Levon Vincent – The Long Life
7. Jonas Kopp – Michigan Lake
8. ACT – RoHd
9. Mikhail Breen – Veracity
10. DVS1 – Confused
11. Rolando – De Cago
12. Kevin Gorman – 7am Stepper
13. Ben Klock – Compression Session 1
14. Roman Lindau – Keppra
15. Tyree – Nuthin Wrong
16. The Echologist – Dirt – Ben Klock Edit
17. James Ruskin – Graphic
18. Ben Klock feat. Elif Biçer – Elfin Flight
19. Rolando – Junie

If you ever had the chance to hear Ben Klock play records in a state where he seems to have just as much fun as yourself, you can be assured that the dancefloor is in good hands.

Bringing a mixed CD with this atmosphere, where years of all night sessions in his prime residency has made it tangiable, Ben Klock manages to feature a lot of aspects in his longer dj sets into a one hour mix. ‘Berghain 04’ feels very unique in the same sense as Klock’s own record taste; there is a lot of new material that manages to encapsulate his selection of old and new tracks, but also bring something new to the table.

A side effect of this is that ‘Berghain 04’ requires a certain mood to be appreciated in its fullest. Whereas a purist heart and mind would see this as a positive thing, there is something that feels a bit overlooked.

The mix feels liberating, and in the highest sense, very fresh. In these times where people have a steady idea of the “Ostgut Ton sound” and the “Berghain sound”, he draws away the attention from the dark and throbbing records to make way of a melodic and unexpected track selection that actually feels more true to the club and label than recent outputs from other directions (following the previous said comprehension). The place Klock has created with this mix has so much more to it than just simply put “dark”, “hard” and “Berlin”.

For most residents at Berghain and Panorama Bar, when hearing them play the records they want and getting the people at the floor to follow, there’s always the feeling of not knowing what to expect. This is exactly the same case with ‘Berghain 04’.

‘Berghain 04’ is out the 28th of June, with both vinyl samplers out now.

1 Response to “Review: Ben Klock – Berghain 04”

  1. 1 Mumhra August 22, 2010 at 04:04

    Wicked mix love track 14 it’s a killer!

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