Review: Dettmann – Dettmann LP

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: OSTGUTLP05


A1: Quasi (Intro)
A2: Argon
A3: Screen
B1: Motive
B2: Drawing
C1: Reticle
C2: Irritant
D: Captivate
E1: Silex
E2: Home
F1: Viscous
F2: Taris (Outro)

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When collecting all inspiration that certain producers have, creating a certain demonstration of strength, a timeless yet at the same time defining “piece” is created. The most interesting aspect of it though, is that the sense of being pulled in the direction of the sound that fills up the release – especially when it’s collected in an album.

Marcel Dettmann is a producer that has been pushing this sound for a long time. Through the Berghain label Ostgut Ton, his own MDR label as well as remixes on a lot of different artists – maintaining a difference in the approach, sound and style, but at the same time always remaining true to his own quality of production as well as keeping this perticular sound intact. Filling up the empty space between going through records, otherwordly sounds and pumping tracks, his own material seems so natural when combining the thought of process behind the work of his own.

The emphasis is very uncompromising. It’s hard to truly define where it is in a concrete way, as “darkness” is clearly not enough to explain this album – there is so much to it, that is very parallell to what we have been hearing as well as his most recent tracks and remixes. Sure, a lot of focus is put on a dystopian sound, but the trained ear can clearly desinguish between those who try and those who know – Dettmann being one of the latter.

Surrounding the album is a lot of talk of “the Berghain sound”, where producers pursue perhaps their own impressions of it as well as attempts to follow it. What seems to be a result of this, is releases that feels as an empty shell with a hollowed space where the energy is “supposed” to be.

The ‘Dettmann’ release is clearly a blueprint of Marcel’s own interpretation of the club, people and music, as well as his personality and style taking up most of the productions – hence creating a release that feels almost too defining for it’s own good. At least, he created something that is honest, that will probably maintain this sound in a energetic and uncompromising way.

Thanks to Marcel Dettmann for this release.

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