Review: Perc – Vertigo Part 1

Label: Perc Trax
Catalog#: TPT034


A2: BCG – Forward Strategy Group Refix

B1: BCG – Milton Bradley Critical Level Mix

B2: BCG – Milton Bradley Beyond The Silence Mix

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The ‘Vertigo – Part 1’ feels like a record that fits excellent in the sound of today, with artists pursuing a sound that binds them together. What strikes most interesting is the fact that when first reading the remixers on the vinyl, it might first seem a little bit obvious having FSG and Milton Bradley doing remixes, but they are in fact a good choice for this track.

‘BCG’ is a track that doesn’t follow Perc’s previous work, it’s more a take on what seems to influence him (and a lot of producers lately) the most. The first listen brings “a regular dj tool” into mind, but trying it out would actually give the track a setting it was made for, making it a good choice with it’s steady rhythm and driving structure.

Forward Strategy Group’s remix is more proper, kicking and fast paced, they show a fearless take on ‘BCG’, where slight hints of the original track can be made out. Which in a sense feels as a solid ground for a good remix. FSG display that they certainly know what they are doing.

With the B2, Milton Bradley’s ‘Critical Level Remix’ follow the path that FSG also took, where a straight forward beat is in focus, and what seems to be the same project as Bradley’s own ‘Minus 126 In Berlin’ (on the first Do Not Resist The Beat!), he combines the elements from his own vaults together with Perc’s original idea, creating a stunning and effective remix.

Milton Bradley’s ‘Beyond The Silence Remix’ is the one that concludes this EP, with a sound that feels very fresh and appreciative, especially because of the fast paced nature of the previous tracks. Here, a slower pace leaves room for a more intriguing atmosphere, combining a step-influence rather than hard hitting tracks. An excellent remix that makes this EP worthwhile.

Thanks to Perc Trax for this release.

1 Response to “Review: Perc – Vertigo Part 1”

  1. 1 rokas March 23, 2010 at 23:58

    ‘todays sound’ is you know what , this release is very good compared to berghain and other hyped labels releases

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