Review: Robert Hood – Alpha / Omega (End Times)

Label: M-Plant
Catalog#: M.PM6

A: Alpha

B: Omega (End Times)

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With the M-Plant rising from the dead with represses of its past, Robert Hood manages to fuse in his new inspiration into the label, with a sound that does not fully represent the old M-Plant in a way that one could expect, but in a way that the dance floor demands.

The excellent ‘Superman / Range’ release from last year gave me so much hope for the resurrection of M-Plant, a release that felt as one I’d been looking for a long time. This first release from the upcoming album, leaves what to expect from the rest of it in a even more gray area, where ‘Alpha’ leans toward a sound even more focused on keeping an atmosphere intact and direct.

‘Omega (End Times)’ feels a bit strange at first; it’s one of those tracks that has so much confidence it feels a bit threatening – the inspiration from ‘The Omega Man’ feels clear with this track, as the feeling of an endless progression towards something dark is more tangible than ‘Alpha’, or in my opinion a lot of Hood’s earlier releases. What is different with this release is also very positive, a forward thinking groove with elements not put in for keeping a groove intact, but to actually display an idea or thought in a very visual way.

One of the most direct releases this year.

1 Response to “Review: Robert Hood – Alpha / Omega (End Times)”

  1. 1 rokas March 18, 2010 at 23:55

    alpha reminds me of spastik and its shit imho, commercial this one and i hate it! but the omega is another level where hood is going , thanks hood thanks alot!
    its a great release to get away from berghain stuff which is such a hype these days.

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