Review: Dettmann – Dettmann Remixed

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: o-ton33

A1: Shift – Norman Nodge Remix

A2: Unrest – Norman Nodge Remix

B1: Vertigo – Wincent Kunth Remix

B2: Wound Up – Wincent Kunth Remix

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With the debut album of Marcel Dettmann coming up, a remix EP is released in conjunction with the album. As he previously did with the ‘MDR 02’; the original versions of these tracks will remain unreleased – nothing to worry about though, as these remixes feels as natural coming from two close friends of Marcel’s, as they would being released in their original mixes.

Following a highly conceptual sound, Norman Nodge is able to transform not only Dettmann’s work into something new, but staying true to his fundamental idea of techno – being persistent on letting all elements breathe, the tight groove feels “let loose”, which reflects on the purposes of his remixes. The ‘Shift’ remix feels steady, secure and very profound. Rightfully so, the intellectual sides of a vision trademarked by Norman, hasn’t been as clear as it is with this track for a long time. Nodge keeps the pace with the remix of ‘Unrest’, a title that suggests for a track moving in all directions, with a high intensity and a depth that reaches as high as the 18 meter ceiling of his residency – acidic elements and a knowledgeable sense ties this track together, which makes so much with its bare elements.

One thing that strikes as natural but also interesting, is the debut of Wincent Kunth. What would seem as a daring move for a EP that holds such a strong position, introducing a producer previously unknown, seems to be a creative move in the right direction – being a close friend to Dettmann living in Switzerland, the sound of Kunth is more floating and more focused on the melodic feelings which balances up the straight up grooves on the A-side.

Thanks to Marcel Dettmann for this release.

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