Review: Levon Vincent – Double Jointed Sex Freak

Label: Novel Sound
Catalog#: NS04


A: Part 1

B1: Part 2

B2: Part 3

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With sparse releases, Novel Sound has established itself as one of the most trusted labels for quality. Even though Levon Vincent keeps a slow output, he manages to always deliver records that for each and every one, sounds different from each other.

The ‘Double Jointed Sex Freak’ might for some be considered as just another record from a highly regarded producer of 2009, but considering the amount of originality of ‘Part 1’, the track itself will stand out for decades. Not only resembling lost days of house music, it also feels as an interpetation between the current state of house and techno – combined.

Strong beats, clear and energetic hihats with sparse use of programming fits perfectly to the vocal samples and powerful melody. ‘Part 1’ doesn’t require much to appreciate the dynamics of the track, as well as having the feeling of both being considered a bit as a dj tool, Levon manages also to make the track stand on it’s own.

‘Part 2’ is a bit more familiar with the previous work, although the atmosphere of the track is very unique. Keeping everything at a constant floating state, slow bassline and sublime and sparse percussion use, everything comes together in a state of hypnosis. The careful sense of knowing exactly what he is doing is clearly shown with this track. With ‘Part 3’, the pace gets dropped a little bit to make some room to breath and letting a more classic and heavy New York groove in. This being the track that feels the most as a club track, Levon manages to take all the elements from ‘Part 1’ and combine them in a different way – which is appreciated since this third part sums up this EP perfectly.

One of the best releases in a very long time.

1 Response to “Review: Levon Vincent – Double Jointed Sex Freak”

  1. 1 jonnyp December 10, 2009 at 14:19

    also, would just like to say that i really like your blog, always a nice way to catch up on releases. all the best

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