Review: Ben Klock – Tracks From 07

Label: Deeply Rooted House
Catalog#: DRH 028


A: Red Alert

B: Viscoplastic


As Deeply Rooted House gets involved with Planet E as a distributor, the label manages to reach a wider audience as well as getting the selling support it deserves. With this insurance, a well placed EP is due.

Even though the label name might be a contradiction, Ben Klock manage to deliver two tracks that feel as they belong on it – somehow, they seem more connected to the current US standard as well as not losing ground with the Berlin home. The hard edged techno groove is there, but as Klock showcased with ‘One’ on Ostgut Ton, his influences ranges far beyond the genre in which he is most closely related to – the beat structure reminds a lot of Detroit house as well as a pumping groove close to DJ Funk and Cosmic Records.

‘Red Alert’ is a track that might be considered as an anthem, but at a closer and more focused listening will reveal, the elements are more subtle than that. Bringing a slow but powerful melody at first, the track peaks as the percussion comes together with a high pitch synth saw.

With the B-side ‘Viscoplastic’, a more current state is displayed. Subtle arrangements bind together with each other, as small variations through the melodies reveal themselves, the track hypnotises at an incredible amount. Playing this track at a powerful sound system will display the effectiveness and energy of it.

‘Tracks From 07’ is expected before the end of 2009.

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