Review: DJ Qu – Party People Clap

Label: Deconstruct Music
Catalog#: DEC-03


A: Party People Clap

B: Party People Clap – Levon Vincent Remix

C: Party People Clap – Fred P. & Ant Parasole Mix

D: Party People Clap – DJ Jus-Ed Remix

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DJ Qu from Strength Music, being friends and involved with everybody else involved with Underground Quality, Deconstruct Music and Novel Sound, his first release on Deconstruct was just a matter of time. His own tracks are getting strong support by Levon Vincent and Anthony Parasole, together with DJ Jus-Ed and Fred P.

Even though DJ Qu’s own sound might follow in the same direction as his friends, it’s only natural that the resemblance is there – what’s unique is that, even though being closely related to the labels he releases on, his own style and energy are always what shines through the most. His previous tracks are already well established by those who push things forward, and being in that unique spot between equal deepness and reduction, DJ Qu manages to fuse both opposites (depending on how you see it) to create a familiar, yet very new and fresh place.

The original mix of ‘Party People Clap’ is a very steady and the least sublime track of this release, bringing all the elements on an equal level, the melodies fuses together and it works very well that way. A steady rhythm creates a good groove, something that DJ Qu seems to have focused on.

Being under the hands of Levon Vincent for quite some time – the first apperance of his remix was back in June – Levon Vincent takes the idea behind DJ Qu’s original, but somehow manage to reduce the elements that felt as a deeper house track into a heavy machinery NY house track. Standing for something new, this remix seems more as an output of a new creative side rather than following his previous work on Clone, Novel Sound and Deconstruct Music. This fresh take seems even more natural with the upcoming Novel Sound 04 …

Even though Levon Vincent’s remix would very well suffice by its own, it’s fellow label owner Anthony Parasole and Fred P. who push things even further into new territory. Reducing everything into it’s bare elements, they create a whole new track that feels very strange and impressive – featuring elements established by all five participants of this release but executed in such style it’s unbelievable. This is probably what 2010 will sound like!

DJ Jus-Ed manage to create a remix that leans towards the more classic and calmer aspect of the original – this is what he does best and in his prime. His remix is necessary on a remix package as this, since it was the missing piece to create one of the best remix double 12″s in a very long time.

Do not miss out on this one!

1 Response to “Review: DJ Qu – Party People Clap”

  1. 1 Evelina December 12, 2009 at 20:03

    Helt tokbra allihop. Jus-Ed remixen är nästan min favorit, av någon outgrundlig anledning. Sjukt fin! xo

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