Review: Delta Funktionen – Silhouette EP

Label: Delsin
Catalog#: 79dsr-ep

A: Silhouette

B: Silhouette – Marcel Dettmann Remix

For just over a year ago, Delta Funktionen’s track ‘Silhouette’ got released on Ann Aimee (one of Delsin’s sublabels).

Being pressed in a very small amount, together with his previously digital only remix of Marcus Enochson and The Subliminal Kid’s track ‘That’s a Lot of Bait’, the track didn’t really see a proper EP release on any label at all. In October this year, Delsin announced that the popular B-side to the limited Ann Aimee release (‘Silhouette’), would get a re-release together with a remix by Marcel Dettmann.

Even though this EP was planned for an earlier release, it feels very natural for it to get out in the middle of December instead. The original’s quite reduced sense brings out a rougher side of Delta Funktionen as well as following the trail established by the ‘Electromagnetic Radiation Part I’ release – dark, cold and what to expect nowadays.

Even though the original is a good track, Dettmann’s calmer take on it brings out a new visualisation of the elements of the original; while keeping his own trademark style to it. Leaning more towards his own ‘Helix’ track on ‘Phantasma Vol.3’, the mesmerizing aspects of his sound takes a bigger space over the dark and haunting elements usually acompanied Dettmann’s work. In some sense, this was quite unexpected and welcomed – even though traditionalists might overlook this EP because of that.

The power of the original ‘Silhouette’ is still there after a year, even though it feels as Delta Funktionen’s own sound has developed since its initial release on Ann Aimee. Nevertheless, it feels natural that a track getting various support by the Ostgut DJ’s, getting a remix by one of their DJs, should be on the same EP after all.

The EP is expected 18th December.

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