Review: Anthony “Shake” Shakir – Frictionalism 1994 – 2009

Label: Rush Hour
Catalog#: RH 110


A1: Happy To Be Here
A2: Breathe Deeper
B1: March Into Darkness
B2: Electron Rider
C1: Arise
C2: Simpatico
D1: The Fake Left. Go Right Plan
D2: Mr. Gone Is back Again
E1: Assimilated
E2: Get A Feeling
F1: Untitled
F2: Frictionalized
G1: The Floor Filler
G2: Plugged In
H: The Other One


I: My Computer Is A Optimist
J: Fact Of The Matter


With Anthony Shakir’s collected works from ‘Frictional Recordings’ (and select tracks from Daniel Bell’s ‘7th City’) on Rush Hour, his experimental yet very natural talent is showcased on a four 12″ collection which also includes an additional 7″ – a collection that is comprehensive and re-mastered.

Being overlooked and not getting the support he deserves, Shake has continuously made his own sound into something unique over the years. Even though many tracks are very old, they all have a sense of timelessness that always seem to be the case with Shake. This is a retrospect of Shake’s work from these last 15 years as a producer.

Keeping the focus on the funk and power that are the foundation of all the tracks, Shakir maintains a very high standard (which is why he is considered being under rated and under appreciated). With Frictional getting a new release soon, it’s very fitting with a release that summarizes the previous material from himself just before the new one. Even though it’s hard to know what to expect from Shake, it’s always something that keeps a high level of energy and intensity.

The package is due later on in December.

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