Review: 2562 – Unbalance

Label: Tectonic
Catalog#: TECCD006


1. Intro
2. Flashback
3. Lost
4. Like A Dream
5. Dinosaur
6. Unbalance
7. Superflight
8. Yes/No
9. Who Are You Fooling?
10. Narita
11. Love In Outer Space

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With ‘Aerial’, 2562 created an album that felt as a pulse check of EDM in 2008 – something that felt inviting, welcoming and cheerful, with a perfect mixture of melancholic melodies and danceable rhythms and techniques. A process that has evolved a lot since then. With new releases in the same field by Martyn, Untold, A Made Up Sound (another alias for 2562) amongst a whole lot of producers getting into the same sonic scenery as 2562 himself.

One thing that makes Dave Huismans’ (2562) music so special, is the lack of external influence – what I mean is the disregard of current trends as well as a steady and consistant high quality output without a lot of hassle. The release schedule is sparse and slow, but once something is out it gets a tremendous amount of support from almost every big DJ worth dancing to.

‘Unbalance’ is a suitable name for an album that manages to intensify the music with utilising just that one word – the whole context and content of the album soars of unbalanced rhythms, patterns, sounds and structures. It’s very hard to define how Huismans manages to do it, but think of Shed being from both Bristol and Amsterdam and you might get a diffuse picture of it.

With ‘Intro’ getting the sonic pace in place, the three directly following tracks are very consisting and true to Huismans sound. They manage to somehow float together, with just enough variations to keep the sense of them being four separate tracks. The production skills are unique here, there are so much going on you can’t stop wondering how he actually managed to create these tracks.

‘Dinosaur’, being the fourth track, the whole pace is shifted into a more direct groove. Chopped up samples and melodies might scare some of the listerners off, but if the extremely concentrated beat gets the space it needs, the track displays some of the most talented productions this year. Five or six melodies goes through a large range of variations, until they finally meet and gets locked into each other – just to be brought apart again to get accompanied with new beats and shifted percussions. At the end, everything goes quiet, and the “glue” of the track comes through – a atmospheric recording of a transtation, harbour and roadwork lying steady as a foundation of the track.

The title track, ‘Unbalance’ displays a very daring experimental sound. Leaning towards early Tempa-dubstep and even more Bristol influenced darkness, 2562 elevates the album into something different. Being unprepared of how the album might sound, I would never have guessed that a track like this would be the title track. Electricity and a very visual sound defines this track, combined with a steady pulsating beat and a tremedously precise bass line that fills up all the space that the melody leaves for all the other elements. Haunting percussion and rhythmically advanced patterns are maintained throughout, being more consistent than the previous four tracks – but the increased tempo is very welcomed as early as this for an album. Just enough the keep the attention of the listener and placed perfectly as a fifth track.

As for the rest of the album, 2562 takes the previous variations and combines them in different way. There are absolutely no track that feels as something being placed on the release just to make up for an album – they have all different moods, grooves and spaces. The one thing I appreciate the most is how the album always seem to keep itself together, going from all sorts of places and experiments. The consistency is always there, which makes it interesting and fun to listen to.

This is one of the best albums of 2009, don’t miss out!

My favorite tracks:



Love In Outer Space

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