Review: Levon Vincent / Steffi – Panorama Bar 02 Part 2

Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: o-ton 29


A: Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam

B: Steffi – 24 Hours


As the first release featured unreleased tracks by Basic Soul Unit and Lerosa, the second sampler sees Levon Vincent and Steffi with previously unreleased tracks.

Making a lot with very few elements, Levon Vincent show us a more direct and even more pumping side of his productions. ‘Late Night Jam’ goes from straight up funk house groove into a more or less epic never ending piece. With the focus shifting from percussion with shuffled patterns, the melody goes from a powerful steady groove into an explosion of colours that Levon displayed at the Deconstruct Label Nacht previously this year – the track sums up the harder parts of that DJ set. Easily a candidate for the track of the year.

Steffi joins in with the track ’24 Hours’, which in some way showcases Steffi’s DJ style as well as a less building aspect of the resident DJ. A slow but very effective track that also have few elements to it, will probably fit very good into almost any set. The attempt is clear, but the result feels a little bit off somehow, it’s simple and easy going but lacks the attitude that would’ve lifted the track up. Nonetheless, it’s a good track that suits well as a B-side (although Shed’s unreleased track ‘Stiff Job’ would probably have suited better).

The second sampler is due at the same time as Panorama Bar 02.

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