Review: San Proper – Keep It Raw / December 10th

Label: Perlon
Catalog#: PERL 75


A: Keep It Raw

B: December 10th

Buy here

From a very unexpected artist on a unexpected label, sees the release of one of the most straight forward house tracks this year. San Proper did a excellent 12″ on Raw Meat Records Inc. in June which was slower, more building and focused around the structures sourrounding the beat.

This time, ‘Keep It Raw’ goes from keeping an atmosphere of distinct influence to a very powerful track that combines all beat elements in a way that reminds me of Bernard Badie as well as Chez Damier in some sense. A vocal sample urge us to keep it raw, while the beat does it’s thing – that snare drum break through the rest of the beat in a way long forgotten.

With ‘December 10th’, the same roughness is there, only it’s more experimental and has a different groove to it. Weird Villalobos-like soundscapes that boil through the melody keeps the direction of the track intact, while it has enough progression to keep it interesting. Even though the attempt here is very nice, it’s still all about the A-side, where I’d rather see a remix of that track for the B-side.

1 Response to “Review: San Proper – Keep It Raw / December 10th”

  1. 1 Joe H September 18, 2009 at 00:37

    I picked this one up the other day, really liking both sides & like you was surprised to see San Proper on Perlon.

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